Beer Mile Winner 2014, Step Over Jim Finlayson

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James Nielsen, a resident of California, has made a mark previously thought to be unattainable making the Beer mile in less than 5 minutes.

The Beer mile is real and people actually do it. It's a one mile race in which the runner must stop at every 400 meters to drink a beer. The Beer mile involves drinking four beers while running four laps of the track. The beer also has to have a higher than 5.0 in alcohol concentration and strictly no vomiting is allowed.

So far none has gone below the record held by based runner Jim Finlayson of British Columbia. Finlayson clocked at 5:09 and held the Beer Mile world record from 2007-2013.

But not two-time NCAA 5,000-meter champion James Nielsen, otherwise known as "The Beast," who smashed the Beer mile world record over the weekend. The 34-year-old Nielsen said he trained for a year to break Finlayson's record. He got back into shape for running and even trained his stomach.

 "I studied anatomy and mastered the physics of fluid dynamics and air displacement," Nielsen said.

Nielsen clocked at 4:57 becoming the first person to break 5:00 in this unsanctioned event. The previous official record according to Beer mile was the 5:04.9 set by Australian Josh "Harry" Harris in 2013. Meanwhile Nick Symmonds, a silver medallist in the 800 m at the 2013 IAAF World Championships, holds the U.S. record for the Beer mile with a time of 5:15.0

"I knew someone was going to be able to do it," Jim Finlayson said on Nielsen's mark. Finlayson said Nielsen made it look beautiful, graceful and really easy. Even stating that that's how world record holders should look like. has a comprehensive list of regulations and variations on the Beer mile. This includes the "300 m Vodka Steeplechase," which obviously consists of seven shots of Vodka and a standard steeplechase.

Below is a statement from on Nielsen's achievement:

"Neilson unofficially split 63 seconds for his first and second laps. His slowest lap was his second as he ran 68 seconds, but recovered with a 67 in his third lap. It did not take Nielsen longer than 12 seconds to drink any of his beers. His fastest chug was seven seconds for his first beer. He split 8, 12 and 9 seconds for the rest of the drinks in the race against the clock."

Here's what beer lovers have to say on his achievement

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