Beauty and The Geek AU Season 5 (2013) Results: Brett d’Avoine and Emily Craig take home $100,000 prize

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Seven Network's reality makeover television show "Beauty and the Geek AU" announced its winning couple in its final episode on Nov. 28, 2013.  The geek Brett d'Avoine and beauty Emily Craig were declared as the winners of the fifth installment of the show. And they took home $100,000 prize in total which comes to $50,000 each.

Brett and Emily Craig beat their competitors Nathan and Erin in the final elimination round. The winning duo and the runner-up pair competed against each other in the final round of the show which was filled with challenging tasks. Finishing tasks made them swim with sharks and kiss each other. Also, they had to cross a jungle obstacle course while blindfolded and defeat the competing duo in a dance-off.

According to the Central Telegraph AU, Emily Craig believes that it was hers and Brett's friendship and ability to work with each other that made them win the series.

"We all had to kiss our partners, I was like ewh this is really gross but at the same time whatever, it's just kissing I don't really care," revealed Emily Craig the winning beauty of the show "Beauty and the Geek" to APN owner of Central Telegraph AU.    

Viewers of the show witnessed Brett's makeover hence, transformation. The show has helped him develop confidence along with substantial bank-balance. It has been reported, that the 25 year-old geek from the show is now dating another woman named Sonia. He has been dating his present girlfriend since the time he returned from Fiji when the filming of the show ended. It's been three months since the couple has been officially dating.  

"I had known her before but had hardly hung out with her... it was a mutual friend. I bumped into her after I got back from the show and thought, 'Why not? If I can do all that crazy stuff on the show, how hard is it to ask someone out?" revealed Brett d'Avoine the winner of the "Beauty and the Geek AU" Season 5, in an interview with Fairfax Media which owns The Sydney Morning Herald.

There is new-found confidence in myself. I hadn't been in a relationship for four years because I was scared of getting hurt and being rejected and I let it get to me," added Brett.

While Brett gained some confidence from the show, Emily claims to have gained tolerance and patience with men and has been on few dates after the show's recording ended.

The winners, Bret d'Avoine and Emily Craig of "Beauty and The Geek AU" Season 5 became great friends during the show. And she credits him for helping her become open minded and not judge people.

"Brett opened my eyes to geeks in general and not to be so judgmental. I found most of them (the Geeks) were cool people who I got along with well and you do not judge a book by its cover. I definitely know what not to go for and even if they're hot, if they're boring, I am not going to go for them," she says. I'd rather do something more productive with my time," said Emily Craig while talking about her partner Brett d'Avoine and the show "Beauty and The Geek AU" Season 5.

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