'Beauty & the Beast' Movie Casting: Possible Actors to Play Beast Opposite Emma Watson [PHOTOS]

  on May 04 2013 7:53 AM

Emma Watson is still officially playing Belle in the upcoming remake of "Beauty & the Beast." Unfortunately, the Guillermo Del Toro directed film won't be going into production this year as opposed to earlier news. Still, with that announcement in mind, fans are still anticipating who would be cast as Beast opposite Emma Watson. To make things a whole lot easier for Emma and Guillermo, here are a few suitable actors to play the role.

Ever since the news of Emma Watson starring as Belle in "Beauty & the Beast" broke out, fans have been dying to know who would be cast as Beast opposite her. Given Emma's "Harry Potter" days are far behind her, fans of Watson continue to follow her every move of which includes her co-stars and love interests onscreen.

Early in January, the broadcast was that production for "Beauty & the Beast" was slated to begin by spring. However, with Disney set to develop a live action spin for their audience of which is entitled "The Beast", Guillermo thought it be wise to delay filming until next year. This might have disheartened a few fans but some continue to speculate who would be cast opposite Watson.

In fact, some "Harry Potter" fans have already begun an online petition to have Tom Felton, the boy who plays Draco Malfoy in the films, star as Beast. For those who don't know, Emma Watson and Tom Felton shared a bit of history in the earlier parts of "Harry Potter." With their history and obvious chemistry, the tale of "Beauty & the Beast" would definitely be something to love.

Tom Felton may be one of the strongest contenders for the role of Beast but there are still a few other suitable stars. Check out the slideshow to see who among Hollywood's hottest are suited to play Beast in Guillermo Del Toro's remake of the Disney classic film.

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