'Beauty and the Beast': Disney to Produce Live-Action Movie

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The success of "Maleficent," a retelling of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," has prompted Disney to make a live-action movie of one of its favorite classics, "Beauty and the Beast."

The classic fairytale romance, with a premise that love is more powerful than any kind of magic spell, will be turned into a live-action movie and has already found its director in Bill Condon.

Variety reported Condon will direct the live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast." Evan Spiliotopoulos is writing the script with Mandeville Films as the producer.

Condon is best known for his directorial work on the hit film adaptation of "Dreamgirls." He also wrote the script for the movie adaptation of the musical, "Chicago." He also delivered two of the best reviewed films in the "Twilight" series, according to Variety. He has also recently adapted the "Twilight" script to Fox's "The Greatest Showman on Earth."

The decision to make the well-loved classic animation, "Beauty and the Beast," into a live-action movie can be linked to the successes of other Disney classics, "The Wizard of Oz," "Alice in Wonderland" and recently "Maleficent."

Disney is taking a big leap in turning "Beauty and the Beast" into a live-action movie despite its era being around since 1700s. The classic movie has also been adapted into all manner of mediums over the centuries, slashfilm reported.

Disney has the best adaptation with its animated feature version in 1991, which grossed more than $375 million worldwide. Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" also led to a broadway play and became one of the few animated pictures to receive a "Best Picture" Oscar's nomination.

Turning "Beauty and the Beast" into a live-action movie is a simple proposition for Disney. Ever since its announcement, fans of the fairytale classic wonder who will play Belle and the Beast. Disney has yet to comment on further details on the production. In the meantime, fans are voicing their reactions over the news on Twitter.

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