Beats Solo 2 Features And Design With Ed Sheeran (Video)

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Dr. Dre Attends MLB 2010 Season Opener to Watch the New York Yankees Take on the Boston Red Sox in Boston
Recording artist Dr. Dre wears a pair of Beats headphones as he attends MLB's 2010 season opener to watch the reigning World Series Champions New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts in this file photo taken April 4, 2010. Apple Inc said it would buy headphone maker Beats Electronics and streaming music provider Beats Music for about $3 billion. REUTERS

Beats Electronics has just been acquired by Apple for a sum of $3 billion, but that did not stop Dr. Dre from revealing their new product, the Beats Solo 2.

Beats is releasing a redesigned and improved Beats Solo model, reports Engadget. The new model will be called the Beats Solo 2. It will feature a new headband ergonomic design (photo) and new foam ear-cups material and shape (photo). Beats Solo 2 also features a redesigned in-line remote cable with color matching the headphones (photo). The new Beats Solo 2 was designed and manufactured just before Beats Electronics was finally acquired by Apple.

Redesign and technology improvement

The new Beats Solo 2 is an improved version of the popular Beats Solo headphones. CNet was able to get a hands-on review of the new model, and was also able to test its sound quality. First off, the overall design of the Beats Solo 2 (photo) is similar to the Beats Studio 2013 model (photo), but it is a smaller, "shrunken-down" version. Beats Solo 2 features a new ergonomic design which gives it a snugger fit than most on-ear headphone models. The new material and design of the ear-cups features better noise isolation, minimizes sound leakage, and dissipates heat more efficiently. The Beats Solo 2 folds up the same way as the previous model and comes with the soft carrying pouch bearing the Beats Logo (photo). The biggest improvement so far with the new model is the sound of the acoustics. Compared to the original Beats Solo, which placed too much emphasis on bass for its tuning, Beats Solo 2 incorporates acoustics to its tuning. RNB and bass-rich music were best fitted for Beats Solo and it didn't adapt too well for other music genres like rock or alternative. However for Beats Solo 2, it improves on its sound quality by providing a more even tuning for bass and acoustics with enhanced clarity. The acoustics in Beats Solo 2 also adapt to different kinds of music genres and provide a wider range of tones not available on the original Beats Solo. Beats Solo 2 features a balanced acoustic and bass tune that blend well together for a better music experience.

Availability, price, and color options

The Beats Solo 2 is now available for pre-order for $199.95 before taxes. It will be available in retail stores on June 1. Beats Solo 2 is currently available in 6 colors, namely black, white, blue, pink, grey, and red.

Below is a commercial of Beats Solo 2 featuring Ed Sheeran

Source: Youtube/Beats by Dre

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