BBC News Error Video Goes Viral, Exposes Trick Used in News Broadcasting

By @snksounak on

An erratic camera movement during a news broadcast on BBC News made the entire scenario look hilarious. At the same time, it appeared to have embarrassed BBC authorities. Netizens do not seem to mind at all as the video capturing the "moment" has gone viral on the Internet.

The YouTube video was uploaded on Feb 24 by a user named Ben Bristow. It immediately got its share of attention as the views reached almost 300,000 within hours. The video shows a BBC journalist talking about some serious financial issues when she appeared to be gradually ducking down for no reason. It took a while to realise that it was an erratic camera movement that made her look likewise.

It also exposed how such news broadcasting takes place using green or blue chroma key backgrounds. A newscaster typically sits in a studio with a fluorescent green or blue screen in the background. During editing the background screen is removed and replaced with a more realistic looking mobile background. This allows the viewer to believe that the newscaster is actually sitting with a window glass in the background, through which a spectacular view of the city is seen.

One may have thought that the BBC newscaster was sitting in front of a smoked glass with a view of the city. However, when the journalist "ducks" due to the camera error, the background remains the same. The camera got assumingly tilted up, which made the journalist look like that. If it was a real background, the background too would have "ducked" with the journalist.

The viewers who watched the blooper of YouTube found it extremely funny. Some equally funny responses appeared in the comments section. One user called jedajuz wrote: "Maybe she forgot she was standing on the green pipe from Mario." Another user called KahWee Teng wrote: "What a cool way to sign off!" while tf2whackyengineer thought "Austin Powers did it."

When the video was shared on Reddit, it got equally funny response. One of the users, mocotazo called it "Best exit since Sexual Chocolate."

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