Battlefield Hardline’s Wanted Features and BF4’s Dragon’s Teeth DLC Release Date Leaked

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Battlefield 4
People walk near a Battlefield 4 display at the Electronic Arts booth during the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 11, 2014. Reuters

An awaited game and long-time rival of the "Call of Duty" franchise is Battlefield" and this time, the game is also taking another direction to break away from the war games for 2014.

Given that "Battlefield 4" is still being improved until this point, "Battlefield Hardline" can be seen as a kind of clean slate, and one which features a different setting that fans of the franchise can still give their feedback for improvement and possible inclusion of the things they like to see.

Over at the official Battle Blog, the developers have created a Community's Most Wanted list, where they have compiled a number of improvements that have been obtained during the beta run for "Battlefield Hardline." It's also developer Visceral Games' way of showing Battlefield fans that they are listening to any feedback to improve the game.

The following 10 items are some of the things that Visceral is considering as they implement changes for "Battlefield Hardline":

1. Movement: mostly about the slow and sluggish movement, which is now increased to 10%

2. Suppression: regarding the camera "bounce" when suppressed; now improved so your aimpoint is not affected anymore

3. Survivalist: an agreement for the overpowered effect, which is now changed to revive the player at 1 health and auto-inject after five seconds

4. High Tension - Crane Camera Shake: turning down the camera shake

5. High Tension - Stairs in High Tension Bug: stairs will no longer pull players into the wall

6. Elevated Objects: more feedback to help players find the objective when it's not at the same level as the player

7. Special Vehicles: developers will be adding more special drivable vehicles into the maps, as well as tweaks for the handbrake of cars

8. Stuck Vehicles: possible nudging of vehicles to get them unstuck, though this is still being worked on

9. Heavy Vehicle Damage: there are more "weak spots" in the rear of armored vehicles so they can be easier to take down

10. Vehicle Occupant List: adding the Bag Carrier icon so you can tell if the bag carrier is already in your vehicle

'Battlefield 4' DLC Release Date Leaked

When going by rumours and leaked release dates, there's nothing that is seen as more permanent-or at least has more significant backing-than when it's leaked by none other than the publisher of the game.

And this may be what EA has done with the upcoming Dragon's Teeth DLC for "Battlefield 4."

GameSpot reports that EA's previous tweet (which has been already replaced) had stated that those with Premium memberships can now access the DLC as early as July 15. This goes alongside a 20% discount for members, but the date, unfortunately, has been removed from the repost.

If the leak was really true, then "Battlefield 4's" DLC can reach non-Premium members some two weeks after the supposed July 15 release, which will be on July 29. Hopefully, EA will announce a date for the DLC soon enough.

"Battlefield Hardline" preview (via YouTube/Eurogamer)

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