Battlefield Hardline Details Revealed for Closed Beta, Resolution and Multiplayer

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A Los Angeles Street Battle Scene In The Beta Version Of 'Battlefield: Hardline'
People are shown a Los Angeles street battle scene in the beta version of "Battlefield: Hardline" at the Electronic Arts (EA) World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview press conference at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, June 9, 2014. The event takes place on the eve of the annual three-day Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game conference. Reuters/David McNew

The cops and robbers game that "Battlefield Hardline" was going for is looking at great progress, especially after debuting at the E3 2014. Far removed from the actual battlefield of war and entering the territory of crime and action, "Battlefield Hardline" is the fruit of more than 2 years of work from Visceral Games and DICE.

"We're focused on creating a game that allows you to feel that rush of being a cop or criminal, by pulling off that big score or feeling that pleasure of making the huge bust," said Steve Papoutsis, executive producer for "Battlefield Hardline" via Battlefield Blog. "Imagine blowing open vaults, run-and-gun foot pursuits and near escapes via getaway choppers. This is the foundation of Battlefield Hardline," he added.

According to Papoutsis, there will be new twists, gadgets, getaways and ways to destroy things in the game, all of which are being experienced by closed beta members. But perhaps the most important aspect here is that Visceral Games has noted the issues that have plagued its predecessor, "Battlefield 4"—which means the developers will be on the lookout or anything and everything related to constantly improving "Battlefield Hardline."

Multiplayer and Resolution Details

Based on the closed beta details, DualShockers reports the confirmed resolutions for "Battlefield Hardline" is 1,080p/60 FPS, as expected for the PS4 platform. There are no announcements yet of how the game will look on other platforms once their respective beta becomes available.

In addition, "Battlefield Hardline's" multiplayer has been receiving reviews. So far, the break from the military battlefield serves as both a refreshing take on FPS and a familiar handling of missions in a city environment.

The Telegraph reports that in the multiplayer for "Battlefield Hardline," players can take on the role of either cops or robbers, where missions can include breaking into security vans and stealing cash while dodging the police.

More Details for 'Battlefield Hardline' Closed Beta

To get a taste of what "Battlefield Hardline" has to offer, the developer has already launched the closed beta, which allows players to roam the High Tension map using two game modes, Heist and Blood Money.

Members already have a chance to enjoy the map and get rewards as well, as DICE announced via the Battlefield Blog the first community mission for the title. For this week, the community needs to perform 250,000 takedowns with the Stun Gun before June 16, 9:00 am PDT.

The reward, which is an exclusive "Battlefield Hardline" in-game Patch, will come in October, once the participants of the community mission finally purchase a copy of the game.

The closed beta for "Battlefield Hardline" can be achieved with an invitation via Visceral Games, but those interested will have to register on the official "Battlefield Hardline" Web site. However, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 players are not yet allowed into the beta access, as it is limited for PS4 and PC players for the meantime.

Additional beta will be announced for the remaining platforms before "Battlefield Hardline" gets launched, so those who aren't playing with the PS4 or PC can still sign up for it.

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