‘Battlefield Hardline’ Details: Release Date, E3 2014 Appearance and Possible PS4 Resolution

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Just like that, EA has already outed "Battlefield Hardline" following a string of leaks that revealed a couple of concept art for rewards, weapons, and unlockables in the game.

In fact, there's already an up and running teaser site for "Battlefield Hardline," which has announced important dates for "Battlefield" fans to watch out for. On June 9, 12:00 p.m. PDT, "Battlefield Hardline" will be unveiled.

As opposed to speculations in forums, "Battlefield Hardline" is not just a spin-off of the franchise, but rather a new series, which will revolve around the "war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals." So this explains all the icons, weapons, and vehicles that have heavily hinted on police presence for "Battlefield Hardline" as reported in the previous leak.

The general release window for "Battlefield Hardline" has also been revealed in the official announcement, supposedly putting the game in retail by fall of 2014.

Planning for "Battlefield Hardline" with Visceral Games

There have been hints that DICE won't be the developer this time for the shooter title, though this was speculated way back in 2013. Kotaku had reported that analyst Michael Pachter had stated that there would be another developer helming that future project.

This is rightly so, since there are still a couple of bugs, necessary improvements, and DLCs that need to be dealt with and released for "Battlefield 4."

Now Visceral Games will be running the show, but this does not mean that DICE is entirely out of the picture during its production. In the official announcement, Visceral Games GM and VP Steve Papoutsis has mentioned that he had met creative leaders during the EA meeting, including Karl Magnus Troedsson of DICE. Here, they had discussed the future of "Battlefield" as a franchise leading to the project "Battlefield Hardline."

"We started talking about different ways we could work together, different ways we could take Battlefield and action games in a new direction," said Papoutsis through a post in the EA Blog. "It was then that this project that became Battlefield Hardline was born."

Resolution for the PS4 Teased

And while details are still pretty sparse at this point for "Battlefield Hardline," there are now speculations of how the game will perform on next-gen consoles.

The observant eye courtesy of NowGamer has checked out the newest "Battlefield Hardline" trailer and seen that, on the PS4, it may actually run on 30fps--quite lower than what already exists in other games for the next-gen console.

According to the source, the trailer revealed at the end that it was slated for the PS4, as well as the detail that the AI, built from scratch, has a frame-rate count around 33 to 34, putting it at around 30fps.

While 30fps should not be a problem at this point--after "Battlefield 4" and its many bugs, gamers have been clamoring for a "good" game instead--it's also not out of the question that Visceral Games is still in the process of exploring other resolution options for "Battlefield Hardline."

As proof, DualShockers has gotten word from Visceral Games that the currently leaked trailer is already six months old, and would most likely be different from what will be presented at E3 2014.

"Video that's out there was for an internal meeting. It's 6 months old now and team has been cranking since then. See the real deal at E3," he said in an interview with DualShockers. "Excited to see so much buzz for the old footage. Love it. Can't wait to show you how much further the team has taken things."

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