‘Battlefield Hardline’ and ‘BF4’: New Leaks, Screenshots, Weapons and the Battlepack Comeback


"Battlefield 4" is still pretty much a game in progress, as bug fixing and the newly launched Community Test Environment for fixes coming out for the title. Indeed, there are still a number of bugs plaguing the game, though players are still supportive of the title.

However, a new leak from Battlefield Daily suggests that a new "Battlefield" game is already in progress, with concept art, code leaks and even a possible title already out. In a string of Twitter posts, Battlefield Daily revealed the supposed logo art and title for the alleged next "Battlefield" game, which will be called "Battlefield Hardline."

Aside from this, a code leak has been posted with "BFH" meant to arrive for the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Some of the other visuals that have already been leaked include awards, ribbons, equipment, ranks, vehicles and vehicle unlocks, and weapons.

Speculations on "Battlefield Hardline" (via YouTube/Machinima)

If that's not enough, Koenv.com has spotted images for "Battlefield Hardline" after doing some digging via the CSS file. Interestingly, classes for the title have also been listed, namely Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer and Professional.

Game modes were not spared, with two already leaked to be Blood Money and Heist. Lastly, the source claims that Visceral Games will be in charge of producing "Battlefield Hardline," as it is part of the EA Games Label. Ironically, Visceral Games was previously led by Sledgehammer Games' Glen Schofield, the studio which is now responsible for the upcoming "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."

For now, all of these are rumours and speculations, though "Battlefield" fans may have something to hold their breaths for at E3 2014. Hopefully, if "Battlefield Hardline" is the next game for the franchise, it will also have some game-changing new features that will take advantage of the power and performance of the next-gen consoles.

Battlepacks are Back for Battlefield 4

Before moving on from "Battlefield 4," you should know that DICE has just announced a new way of acquiring Battlepacks in the game.

Announced via a recent post on the official Battlefield Blog, Battlepacks, which contain in-game items and accessories (including dog tags, XP boosts, weapons, and the like) can now be obtained by purchasing them straight from Origin, Battlelog, the in-game store, the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store.

Bronze Battlepacks are worth $1, Silver Battlepacks are $2 and Gold Battlepacks are $3. This is only one other option, however, as "Battlefield 4" players can still get them the usual route of gameplay progress.

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