'Battlefield 4' vs. 'Call of Duty: Ghosts': Naval Strike DLC Maps Revealed, More Fixes for PS4; Onslaught Weapons Detailed

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With "Battlefield 4" problems still plaguing some players, EA and DICE have confirmed earlier that they are stopping any progress or development with future DLCs so they can focus on rolling out bug fixes for the existing game on various platforms.

The latest of these fixes is the PS4 bug crash fix, which is in response to players' experience with the game.

"We are currently investigating an issue with the in-game Battlelog not always loading on PlayStation 4. Please try to close and re-open it a few times if you experience this, as this sometimes solves the issue. We will keep you posted," said DICE in a Battlelog post as quoted by VG 24/7.

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Some of the improvements include adding an "Apply to all" button for knives, grenades, vehicles and pistols in Loadout, selecting expansion packs in Server Browser with working filters for the packs, hide images enabled in Loadout and various fixes in Loadout issues.

Despite this, a rumoured DLC for "Battlefield 4" is Naval Strike, supposedly leaked way before schedule. Gameranx reports that the different maps of the DLC have already been unveiled by a fan, despite DICE's lack of announcements when it comes to continuing its work on "Battlefield 4" DLCs.

The leaked maps names are Lost Islands, Operation Mortar, Wave Breaker and Nansha Strike. Aside from these, there has also been a set release date mentioned, which is Spring 2014. Hopefully, all of the other details and issues in the game have already been resolved by then.

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Onslaught Weapons Captured in Image

With "Call of Duty: Ghosts'" first DLC, Onslaught, about to be available come next week, a leaked document in the form of screenshots has shown off the new contents, specifically the new weapons that can be found in the DLC.

Dubbed as the Maverick, Explosion reports that Infinity's weapon expert and artist Sean Byers has posted some images of the new weapon. As can be seen in the link above, the weapons consist of Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle editions of the Maverick weapon.

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The images show sleek weapons, and it's exciting to see how they will add to the four maps that Onslaught is expected to have once it releases on Jan 28, first on Xbox Live.

The source adds that while other platforms like PS4, PS3 and PC are already confirmed to have the Onslaught DLC a month after the Xbox Live release, a Wii U release of the DLC has not yet been discussed.

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