'Battlefield 4' vs. 'Call of Duty: Ghosts': 'Battlefield 4' Platoons Now Testing, 'Ghosts' Digital Hardened Edition Price Cut

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A multiplayer feature may be coming back to "Battlefield 4" in the form of the Platoons. VG 24/7 has spotted the forum post where DICE invited interested participants to join the early testing of the new feature.

"We want to give early access to a smaller group of players to test certain parts of the system before a full rollout and get some even earlier feedback," said TheBikingViking user from DICE.

The thread has already been updated, with DICE announcing that there are already volunteers who have signed up for the testing. But the developers have also assured that the small group access will not be for long and that it be made available for more people to enjoy Platoons.

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Claiming the Second Batch of 'BF4' Shortcut Kits

With "Battlefield 4's" Player Appreciation Month about to end this February, the Shortcut Kits will also be ending with the last batch already rolling out.

These kits will allow players to unlock weapons for the base game of "Battlefield 4," and best of all, they are free for a limited time. Those who are premium members of "Battlefield 4" will get access to two special Shortcut Kits besides the two other Shortcut Kits available for all "BF4" players.

The first Shortcut Kit contained hand guns for all "BF4" players, while premium members got DMRs. From Feb 25 to March 4, the Shortcut Kits will get grenades, while the premium members will get shotguns.

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According to the official Battlefield Blog forums, there are three ways to claim the Shortcut Kits, depending on which type a player you is. Console owners would need to access it via the in-game store and find the Shortcut Kit banner before downloading them. PC owners as well as those with premium memberships will need to log in to Battlelog.

Regular players need to go to the store, find the Shortcut Kit and download via Origin, while premium members will need to go through the News Section to get the Shortcut Giveaway, click on the Premium Giveaway and get the Shortcut Kit.

Digital Hardened Edition for 'Ghosts' Gets a Price Cut

Microsoft has proven that, yet again, waiting for that miraculous price drop is worth it. This time, the most recently reduced price belongs to "Call of Duty: Ghosts," Digital Hardened Edition, which now sells for $100 instead of its original $120 price.

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Co-Optimus reports that, at its new price point, the pack is now more attractive, as it features not just a copy of the game but also other in-game bonuses. This include the Season Pass to access four DLC Map Packs for multiplayer; the Team Leader content pack, which features special multiplayer character head, weapon camo, reticle, player card, patch and background; the In-Game Item Pack to allow players to wear special in-game patches; and the Ghosts Insignia Pack.

At $100 with several freebies and the Season Pass access, this is already a pretty good steal, and one that fans of FPS shooters can take advantage of to get into the "Ghosts" hype.

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