Battle of the Liams' for Miley Cyrus: Liam Payne VS Liam Hemsworth

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It looks like "Hunger Games" hunk, Liam Hemsworth has some competition, not that he's aware of.

In a recent interview, One Direction's' Liam Payne admitted to have a crush on pop princess, Miley Cyrus. If Miley wasn't Liam's girlfriend, who would win the 19-year olds' affections: Liam Hemsworth or Liam Payne?

Liam Payne and Miley Cyrus would definitely make a cute couple, given both of them are talented singers. Liam Payne wouldn't disagree with the pairing when he himself admitted he's crushing on American pop star, Miley Cyrus.

"Miley Cyrus. She's hot!," said Liam in an interview.

Though chances of the stars being together are close to zilch, fact is Liam Payne is also in a relationship. The 18-year old singer is currently dating Danielle Peazer, a dancer. However, if both stars live in an alternate universe: who is best for the 19-year old singer "Who Can't Be Tamed"?

Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth has got the looks, the abs and the acting skills. Liam had an incredible chemistry with Miley in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel, "The Last Song".

In fact, the chemistry on screen was too believable that both stars dated right after the film. Though it wasn't always an un-rocky relationship, Liam and Miley suffered an on-off and on again relationship but have been together for almost three years.  The Aussie hunk starred in the highly-acclaimed "Hunger Games" and he's set to come out in the action-packed flick, "Expendables 2".

So what does Liam Payne have over Liam Hemsworth?

Well, Liam Payne is one fifth of the world renowned boy band from the UK, One Direction. The group is a product of Simon Cowell, and has been creating a huge fan base ever since their debut on "X-Factor".

Apart from singing, what else is Liam Payne famous for? Liam's good looks, humor and hilarious dancing are other attributes that have won over female fans.

Fans of Miley Cyrus can only hope and dream. The 19-year old is hopelessly in love with Liam Hemsworth and chance of 'Hannah Montana' and Liam Payne getting together is close to zero. Miley is currently in Miami working on her next album. Still, it would be awesome for One Directions' Liam Payne to collaborate on at least one song with Miley Cyrus. Keep fingers crossed for that.

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