‘Batman vs Superman’ Star Ben Affleck Leaves Superhero Action to Bond with Daughter Seraphina

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Stepping out of his black cape, "Batman vs. Superman" star Ben Affleck was spotted bonding with his daughter Seraphina at Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 13.

The Daily Mail reported Ben Affleck, wearing a pair of black shorts and a charcoal gray Institute of Performance Fitness (IPF) T-shirt, was seen walking and holding hands with his 5-year-old daughter as they emerged from the local shopping centre.

According to the report, Affleck was no doubt happy to be spending time with his daughter Seraphina.

The 41-year-old actor is set to play as the Caped Crusader in the upcoming 2015 superhero movie now being referred to as "Batman vs. Superman." According to reports, the movie is a follow-up to the 2013 "Man of Steel" movie starring Henry Cavill.

"Man of Steel 2," a.k.a. "Batman vs. Superman," was introduced to the public in 2013 with Ben Affleck billed for the role of Batman. However, fans of the Dark Knight have not been too happy about the news.

Affleck was greatly criticised for his role. Time even wrote an article compiling "seven reasons fans are unhappy" to find out the actor is stepping in for the role of Batman. But Affleck reportedly stood up and made sure criticisms are not going to affect him.

In a Variety report, Affleck was said to have laughed off the criticisms. He told Jimmy Fallon in a chat in September 2013 that what matters is the reaction after the movie is seen and not the reaction before the movie comes out.

No plot has been revealed yet for "Batman vs Superman." However, Batman fans and Superman fans appear to be in a frenzy as "Batman vs. Superman" continues to make headlines.

Recently, director of "Batman vs. Superman," Zach Snyder, has been teasing fans with a glimpse of the new Batmobile through Twitter, which drew various reactions and apparently put fans in more anticipation to see the movie.

But aside from the hype Affleck's role in the movie "Batman vs. Superman" is getting, Affleck is also set to busy himself with HBO's TV series "Project Greenlight," which was recently reported as getting renewed. His actor, producer and BFF Matt Damon will also appear in the series.

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