'Batman V Superman': Henry Cavill Endures The Cold In His Superman Costume

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Cast Member Russell Crowe Speaks, Accompanied By Director Zack Snyder, Left, Co-Stars Henry Cavill And Amy Adams.
Cast member Russell Crowe speaks, accompanied by director Zack Snyder (L), co-stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as they accept the Most Anticipated Film award for "Man of Steel" at the seventh annual Spike TV's "Guys Choice" awards in Culver City, California June 8, 2013. Reuters

The popularity of the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" has apparently also reached outer space, figuratively speaking, as Superman actor Henry Cavill together with "Batman V Superman" co-star Amy Adams join in on the cause.

While production of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" continues in Detroit, Zack Snyder decided to give the casts and crew some time off for a little fun by having them participate in the challenge. Apparently, Henry Cavill gets doused several times as he was deemed the favourite by the crew, according to Inquisitr.

In the video below, the "Man of Steel" star is joined by Lois Lane actress Amy Adams. According to the site, the footage surfaced after "Batman" actor Ben Affleck did his own version of the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" where he grabbed his wife actress Jennifer Garner to the pool with him.

Henry Cavill's "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" also came after he was nominated by his "Immortals" co-star and lead "Dracula Untold" actor Luke Evans.

While Amy Adams did all the talking, Henry Cavill in his Superman costume sat waiting for the dump "looking very hot" according to Inquisitr writer Patricia Didelot. Even while Amy cringed in anticipation of the iced water to be poured, "Superman" sat there looking very at ease, patiently waiting with a smile plastered on his face. He barely made a sound when the freezing water was poured over his head. Unlike Amy Adams, who screeched and immediately took off after getting drenched and away from the camera.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill continues to sit in his spot on the stage, trying to compose himself after getting drenched. However, seven seconds after he was again drenched with his second bucket of water. Apparently, the "Batman V Superman" crew enjoyed the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" so much that they did a third pouring a mere four seconds away from the second.

What's funny to watch is that Henry Cavill remained seated while obscene amounts of water were continuously being poured over his head. The small buckets were even replaced with big ones. He was only able to mutter a quick "Oh My Goodness" when a big pail of the water was poured over his head. After the sixth pour, the Superman actor finally said "I'm so cold" and laughed at the entire ordeal.

According to screencrush, as much as people are probably getting annoyed by now with all the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" videos posted on the Internet, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams' video is an exception. For one, the crew risked damaging Superman's costume to join in on the cause. Also, they participated in pouring the obscene amount of water over the actor. Although, according to the site, the video would have been better if it was revealed at the end that Batman also took part in pouring the water.

Source: YouTube/TheMovieJunkiez

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