Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Clark Kent On The Set Of Man of Steel 2

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"Superman" actor Henry Cavill teases fans with a picture of his Clark Kent character look on the set of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

"Superman" fans were treated to a sample of what Clark Kent would look like in the "Man of Steel" sequel, courtesy of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, who shared the image on Twitter (see photo).

The photo was captioned "A treat for a Monday morning for all our #HenryCavill fans. Henry is a great supporter of the @RM1664Challenge!"

JoBlo reported the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund is giving away two t-shirts signed by spokesman and "Superman" actor Henry Cavill to support the Royal Marine 1664 Challenge. While the photo was for advertising purposes, it also gives fans a first look at Cavill in his Clark Kent costume.

In the image, Henry Cavill sports wool slacks and a natty brown trench coat, with a navy shirt underneath. A grey tie goes along with the shirt and a striped scarf ties the look together. A folding chair with the name Clark sits next to the standing Cavill.

Henry Cavill only donned the reporter's suit and tie, missing his iconic glasses. LA Times reports traditionalist fans may complain on the absence of Clark's trademark glasses. However, the site reassured that fans have nothing to worry about. In "Man of Steel," Clark wore a pair of Paul Smith glasses as part of his disguise on his first day of work at the Planet.

LA Times goes on to say that If the photo is any indication at all of Henry Cavill's Clark Kent look, then Superman's alter-ego is a cleaner-cut fellow than he was in "Man of Steel." The site also described him as hunkier, less nerdy and looking a bit more like a GQ model than a GA reporter.

Clark's new look could be a testament to what movie director Zack Snyder said previously. The director stated he's willing to make some changes to Superman's look even if it means angering faithful traditionalist fans of the superhero.

"[The movie ("Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice")] literally takes the "Man of Steel" and "Batman" universes and explodes them," Snyder told LA Times. "Now that you've got these characters—to now let 'em loose. That's fun!," he added.

Meanwhile, below are what fans had to say about Henry Cavill's Clark Kent look.

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