Batman: Arkham Knight’s Red Hood Story Pack and San Diego Comic Con Plans Confirmed

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GameStop's supposedly big secret is now out and it's has something to do with "Batman: Arkham Knight."

Fans of the franchise can now look forward to more preorder bonuses of Rocksteady's final game for the Arkham series. As such, DualShockers reports that GameStop's new surprise involves a deal where fans can get exclusive access to an additional story pack, this time featuring Red Hood.

A promotional poster of the newest story pack can be seen in the link above. But for the Red Hood Story Pack, Red Hood will have his own story pack where you can play as this vigilante. The preorder comes alongside the previously announced Harley Quinn story pack, where you can opt to play as the woman psychotic psychiatrist instead.

What's interesting here is that past rumours have pointed to the titular villain Arkham Knight actually being Red Hood, thanks to a number of supposed clues hinting at his identity. The Red Hood Story pack can basically leave open once again "Batman Arkham Knight's" titular villain wide open for speculations.

Other rumours that have popped up and already debunked include the supposed leaked script for "Batman: Arkham Knight."

GameRanx reports that a 4chan discovery of a plot for "Batman: Arkham Knight" has been checked and broken down to real that there are a number of holes in the plot to make it a valid plot from the developers.

One of the clues to this, as cited by the report, is the Operation Saviour, which has been making its round as the Arkham Knight's ultimate plan -- and the leaked plot has not made one mention of the term. Other villains like Penguin and Two-Face, and more importantly, Harley Quinn, were not mentioned in the leaked plot as well.

Best to wait for more announcements from Rocksteady or for the release date set for 2015. "Batman: Arkham Knight" is looking to release to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

SDCC and Batman's 75th Anniversary

With the San Diego Comic Con already up for this week, and still in lieu of the 75th Anniversary of Batman, there's also an Arkham Knight themed exhibit announced over at the official Batman Arkham Facebook page.

Dubbed as the "Cape/Cowl/Create" show, this will be an ongoing art exhibit at the SDCC at the Hard Rock Hotel near the Expo Center.

"It's your chance to see what a group of artists and celebrities from totally different backgrounds and disciplines can do with the new Batsuit design from 'Batman: Arkham Knight,'" according to the official announcement.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" Father to Son trailer (via YouTube/Batman Arkham)

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