Batman: Arkham Knight’s PS4 Exclusive Brings Scarecrow DLC, Harley Quinn to Get Her Own Story

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"Batman: Arkham Knight may still have the vague "coming in 2015" release date tagged to title, but there are a few new details when it comes to the expansion packs and exclusive content coming for the next-gen consoles.

One of these is the PS4, where a spotted DLC expansion is slated to feature Scarecrow, the touted main villain of "Batman: Arkham Knight"-of course, alongside the titular villain Arkham Knight.

Polygon has spotted a listing on PlayStation, which points to the "Scarecrow Nightmare Pack" which will bring on Scarecrow's biggest weapon-hallucinogenic and nightmares-onto Gotham City to give players a bit of a challenge.

According to the listing, Gotham will be Scarecrow's next victim for his toxin to induce a living nightmare as a setting for "Batman: Arkham Knight." The listing also makes mention of an "undead army" spreading terror, exclusively on the PS4.

This will make using the Batmobile even more of an advantage, as it can become your defensive weapon against falling prey to Scarecrow's toxic hallucinations. Hopefully, Rocksteady will be giving more details for the expansion in the days leading to the release date.

Harley Quinn Also Gets Her Own Story

If that's not enough, then new developments with the Harley Quinn DLC may interest more gamers.

While Harley Quinn was one of the first playable characters to be announced for "Batman: Arkham Knight," it used to tout Harley Quinn's part in the game as part of the four-challenge map pack coming out as a DLC.

But Gameranx reports that the offer has now been changed to "the Harley Quinn Story Pack," alongside a change in the promotional image. As seen in the old and new promotional comparisons in the link above, the first one touts the artwork for Harley Quinn while the latest one appears to be from the gameplay itself.

Moreover, the date has been changed from the earlier "10/14/14" to "2015," signaling that this is the updated preorder offer for "Batman: Arkham Knight." Playing as Harley Quinn won't take away the ability to "utilize her unique weapons, gadgets and abilities," as the wording stays the same.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2015, and it will be the final installment for the Batman Arkham game series from Rocksteady.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" batmobile battle mode trailer (via YouTube/Batman Arkham)

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