Batman Arkham Knight Update: Two-Face, Harley Quinn & Riddler Screenshots

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Batman: Arkham Knight is set to the hit the PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year and fans are doing their best to unmask Arkham Knight, the villain who will double as villainous ring-leader. Now, there is a handful of screenshots enough to excite the fans out there waiting for the game.

The Rocksteady Studios hasn't precisely been ready with the new promotional media for Batman: Arkham Knight, but the most recent set of screenshots to hit in the game's official Twitter account present a peep at three of the villains fixed to come out in the Batman: Arkham Knight single-player campaign.

More than a month after Rocksteady completely publicised a non-watermarked edition of the Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots with Game Informer earlier in March, the studio has completely made known a new collection of promotional photos for its first PS4/Xbox One project. Unfortunately, it's a set that comprises less than six new Batman: Arkham Knight images, but the majority of fans will most likely get something they can at this time.

Last May 8, the up-to-date set of Batman: Arkham Knight pictures were out through the game's official Twitter account. The Rocksteady Studio took almost two weeks only to produce the five new images, it is not totally amusing that the newest set of Batman: Arkham Knight photos haven't been the top of the bill news.

The released photos of Batman: Arkham Knight last May didn't really show anything surprising. The released images do verify the look of the three Batman villains, including Two-Face and Harley Quinn, but we barely know anything about the Batman: Arkham Knight.

Here is just some of the information we can conclude from the last set of Batman: Arkham Knight images. The images released revealed that The Riddler will continue to be the one of the only characters to exist in all of the Arkham verse titles (in some capacity). In addition, it appears that Edward Nigma has taken to the sewers in Rocksteady's third trip to Gotham, and finishing his current set of challenges will actually oblige players to become professional Batmobile drivers.

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