Batman: Arkham Knight From Rocksteady Revealed, The Walking Dead S2 Episode 2 Detailed, Peggle 2 Dated and Updated

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After the long wait, Rocksteady has officially announced what it will be doing for the next Batman Arkham series, now with WB Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins already at its DLC development and release phase, it's time to set the stage for the next game in the franchise.

Batman: Arkham Knight was first leaked by GameStop promotional materials showing off a new overall design for the logo. And the, Kotaku reports that GAME U.K. was responsible for a retail leak and apparent spoiler that stated that Batman: Arkham Knight is the last game in the Arkham series.

Now, WB has already announced that Batman: Arkham Knight is coming from Rocksteady, with the finale game being the biggest game to date and will feature a number of familiar Batman villains, wherein the likes of Harley Quinn, Two-Face and Scarecrow will be playable when the game is preordered. Also, the Batmobile is drivable.

And unlike Batman: Arkham Origins, where the game was only for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, Batman: Arkham Knight has been confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

An official announcement trailer has already been released, which you can check out here.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 detailed

Those who are picking up a copy of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 should check out the PS3 and PC versions, which are already out today, according to Cinema Blend.

The new episode will pull you in back as Clementine and you'll be dealing with growing issues of trust and security as you go deeper into the new story and discover a new villain in the form of Carver.

Xbox 360 and iOS gamers need not wait too long as Polygon reports that the Xbox 360 version is coming this March 5, while the iOS is coming the next day on March 6.

Peggle 2 update and release date revealed

For those who have been excited to grab a copy of Peggle 2 on the Xbox 360, you still have to wait out around two months until it's released on May 7. This was officially announced by EA and Popcap Games and players can expect all of the Peggle Masters in the Xbox One version to be in the current-gen console version.

"With all the excitement from our fans in December at launch we knew we wanted to continue growing the Peggle universe starting with more content and then expand onto the Xbox 360," said Popcap general manager John Vechey in a statement quoted by Videogamer.

Xbox One players of the game should be downloading the Peggle 2 update worth 1.5GB today, as it adds the multiplayer Duel Mode, which are the promised added free updates from the developer.

The Duel Mode pretty much expands the way you plan to play Peggle 2 with friends. CVG reports that the update also features the following four options:

- Private Peg Party for duels with your friends online

- Private Duel for two friends wanting to get the battle on online

- Smart Match to duel against other people online

- Local Duel for local multiplayer

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