Batman: Arkham Knight Preorders Bring Prototype Batmobile, Fighting Style Leaked for Last Game

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With the announcement of Batman: Arkham Knight having made Rocksteady's newest upcoming game finally official, fans of the Arkham series game are already excited for the title. This is especially true since Batman: Arkham Knight has been reported as the final installment of the Arkham series, and one that will feature one of the most ambitious additions to date.

Previously, it was reported that there will be a Batmobile, one that's the size of a regular Xbox 360 game, and hence justifying why Batman: Arkham Knight is geared only towards the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles and the PC.

Part of the new game announcements is the fact that Harley Quinn will be a preorder bonus. Over at the official web site of Batman: Arkham Knight, it was already announced that Harley Quinn will be a preorder bonus. This means that

However, Gearnuke has also spotted an offer over at Walmart, wherein preorders of Batman: Arkham Knight will allow you access to the prototype Batmobile. Apparently, the preorder also includes exclusive gameplay features, Aside from this, the preorder bonus of the Harley Quinn character and four exclusive challenge maps, unique Harley Quinn weapons, gadgets and abilities are also included.

You can check the offer over at Walmart in the link here.

The moves and the baddies for the final game

Whether or not you enjoyed the Batman: Arkham Origins or if you have been a fan of the franchise since its conception, Batman: Arkham Knight is certain shaping up to be a very good anticipated finale to the series.

The drivable Batmobile alone is a feature that has sold the game to a lot of fans before any more details have been revealed, showcasing that Rocksteady is really aiming for a bang with the Arkham series before moving on to their next IP.

So far, there are a few things known about the game, and this includes the interesting changes that the developer will implement regarding the moves and the fighting styles that the caped crusader will have.

Comic Book Movie has compiled a list of these fighting moves and changes. The most interesting of this would have to be the fact the usable surroundings, wherein Batman is said to have the ability to make use of wall structures, break them off, and use it on his enemies.

There will also be a new fighting ability, Weapon Steal, which is pretty explanatory--spot a weapon on the floor or anywhere else, and it seems that even if it's not in your arsenal, you can use it against your opponent.

Other interesting points include the transition for cutscenes to gameplay that now flows more fluidly, and Batman will end his combats with an interesting pose.

Official PlayStation Magazine has also compiled a list of bad guys who will be making an appearance for the finale Batman: Arkham Knight, which are either clues peppered in the previous games or hinted by the developer.

Some of these include Scarecrow, The Penguin and Two-Face (who have been featured in the Arkham Knight trailer), Harley Quinn (confirmed as she is also a playable character that comes in the preorder), The Riddler, The Joker and even a potential Arkham Knight or the "anti-Batman," which could be a shoutout to the installment name.

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