'Batman: Arkham Knight' Logo Hints at Ending, New Screenshots Released

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While "Batman: Arkham Knight" may be the last installment of the "Arkham" game series, it's bound to be an explosive and epic one that would neatly and satisfactorily put the cap on the game once and for all.

And a clear hint of this comes from the logo, as Rocksteady's Dax Ginn, marketing producer, says.

The motif of "Batman: Arkham Knight" game has changed, from the "Arkham Asylum's" cool and calm blue and "Arkham City's" neutral blacks and whites. For the third installment, "Batman: Arkham Knight's" logo is emblazoned in fiery red. This may supposedly not only mean the epic climax but also a possible harking back to Azrael in Arkham City where Gotham will supposedly burn.

"We had a very clear idea from the end of Arkham City on how we wanted the trilogy to wrap up. We knew the story we wanted to tell, the narrative path we were on for Batman Arkham Knight," said Ginn in an interview quoted by Total Xbox.

"Having an internal scripting team means we can change our minds, change the script and dialogue based on new developments, so working iteratively allows us to make a much better game," he added,

New Screenshots Feature Villains and Batman's Suit and Batmobile

Rocksteady's newest and final project for the "Arkham" game series gets another string of updates, this time by way of screenshots. And VG 24/7 has managed to get its hands on them.

Fans would easily know The Penguin, Harvey Dent a.k.a. Two Face and The Riddler, for starters, from some of the screenshots in the link above. There are also clear shots of Batman's suit in various poses and angles as well as the Batmobile in action.

One of the shots include the latest leaked screenshot, which had Batman being ejected out of the Batmobile, in what is presumably the Eject move that is part of the game. The Batmobile is drivable in the "Batman: Arkham Knight." It will not only allow players to explore Gotham City in a new manner but also allow them to reach heights unlike never before.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" is set for release later this year on the next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One as well as the PC.

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