Batman: Arkham Knight Gets New Screenshots and DC Exclusive Figures at San Diego Comic Con

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Rocksteady and Warner Bros. are keeping the interest alive for "Batman: Arkham Knight" even though the release date is still a vague 2015 rollout.

The official Batman Arkham Facebook page has been updated with a bunch of new screens featured in the game.

The latest post comes from Batman's point of view, where he is seen flying through the air and about to attack the common thugs who are wrecking trouble in Gotham City.

There's also another teaser of what the Batmobile can do, and how it will become a source of power when the police's own squad cannot handle the gravity of Arkham Knight's army.

"Come in all units. This is Commissioner Gordon. We have numerous hostile tanks deployed across the city. Gotham is under attack! I want everyone off the streets and back to GCPD. We're not equipped to deal with what's out there. Thank God there's someone who is."

The caption does suggest how a major fight will have Arkham Knight and the Dark Knight face-off against each other. The fact that tanks are part of Arkham Knight's army suggests that the Batmobile will be facing more than just your common firepower from previous enemies.

Fans of "Batman: Arkham Knight" who have yet to enjoy the look and feel of Arkham Knight, another image seen in this link shows the Arkham Suit and his army behind him. notice the tanks and what appear to be choppers, all of which look very military and defensive--a big challenge to the Batmobile and Batman.

Arkham Knight's suit also looks like it had been modeled after Batman's own suit minus the cape and with a more military appeal, as seen in the camouflage pants. The mask also takes after Batman's cowl, though Arkham Knight possesses a full-face mask.

New Action Figures Based on 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Announced

Rocksteady's final take on the Arkham universe will still make you wait until 2015 to get into the Batmobile and all that Gotham action, but that does not mean that you can't find a similar fun with the merchandise in other ways.

DC has already announced some new DC Collectibles based on "Batman: Arkham Knight," and it's coming as early as July 24 at the San Diego Comic Con for a preview.

Game Informer has landed the first four snapshots of the figurines, which can be seen in the link above. Some of the collectibles includes the titular villain Arkham Knight, Batman, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow.

At the San Diego Comic Con, a panel will be held solely for the new figurines, so those interested should catch it on July 24 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Pricing and release dates of the collectibles have not yet been announced.

Batmobile battle mode trailer (via YouTube/Batman Arkham)

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