'Batman: Arkham Knight' Gets More Screenshots and a Batmobile Model with More Gameplay Details

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A new batch of "Batman: Arkham Knight" screenshots have shown off what is supposedly the army of titular villain Arkham Knight, complete with tanks, guns and hovercrafts.

In retaliation, Batman is also seen swooping down on his enemies, with one screenshot showing off a faceoff with what appears to be the Arkham Knight's tanks and Batman's Batmobile.

Aside from the screenshots, Gameranx has also obtained some new information about the game, starting with the fact that Arkham Knight will be leading an entire military unit into the final battle against Batman.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, there will be more environment-based takedowns with improvements made so that players will take advantage of it.

(Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkham)

Rumour of the Arkham Knight also being Jason Todd seems to have a little more grounding, as hinted in the fact that Arkham Knight can't seem to explain the reason for hating Batman or the fact that he may be familiar with Batman, as symbolised for his respect for the Batman symbol.

Going back to the big reveal on the official "Batman: Arkham Knight" Web site, it was revealed the Batmobile will have two modes. The Pursuit Mode will allow players to go faster as they chase after the bad guys, while also giving them a containment unit for storing either the enemies or the friendlies.

Since players are also giving more importance to the chase rather than the fight, expect more power on the wheels and the engine.

The other mode is the Battle Mode, which lets players whip out the big guns and weapons, which include the armour plating, the Vulcan gun, a cannon and electroshock defense, laid out all around the Batmobile. Check out more of it in the interactive page over at the link above.

The Batmobile Model at the E3 2014

At the E3 2014, "Batman: Arkham Knight" will also be showing off the Batmobile as a real-life model for those who could come.

"Our friends at West Coast Customs have created a real life version of the Batmobile from Batman: Arkham Knight. Come check it out at E3 2014, booth 2023 in the South Hall!" as announced at the official Batman Arkham Facebook page.

For those who are not part of the attendees list for E3 2014, there will still be plenty of videos and screens for the Batmobile, which will come out in the next couple of days. For now, hit the link for the glimpse of the Batmobile.

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