'Batman: Arkham Knight' Gets More Details and an Interesting Story Twist

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"Batman: Arkham Knight" is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated next-gen games coming out in 2014, especially considering how it will be pushing the hardware to the limits (as seen by the way that the game really can't be played on the current-gen versions).

"Gotham City has got a very specific atmosphere and we spent a lot of time on making sure that's right. It's not just one thing, it's a combination of the atmospherics of light and reflections, it's always raining," said Dax Ginn, producer of the game, in an interview quoted by The Examiner.

"It's always night time, making sure that the echoes through the street, they sound right," Ginn added.

When it comes to the storyline of "Batman: Arkham Knight," gamers have to remember that this will be the final installment of the "Arkham" series and will take place a year after the death of The Joker back in Arkham City.

According to the report, Scarecrow is now in charge, as he tries to destroy Batman again for the vengeance that he has promised. And since the Batmobile has been introduced for this installment of the game, players can expect an even bigger world of Gotham City, so they can get from one place to another mighty fast.

Hooked on the Narrative

"Batman: Arkham Knight's" plot is still, at best vague, but The Guardian has managed to speak with Ginn and Rocksteady regarding how they plan on maintaining the strong narrative that the "Arkham" game series has managed to pull off through all the installments.

This is because the bigger world of "Batman: Arkham Knight" is looking at a slight entrance into the world of sandbox games, wherein indulging in the sights, sounds and the big grand ride of the Batmobile may become an easy distraction in the overall game.

However, it seems that Rocksteady already has the main plot down while also creating a new pace where the sandbox game won't feel forced or unusual.

The latest adventure still revolves around crime running the streets after Scarecrow and Arkham Knight, the titular character and villain in the upcoming game, arise. Another device that will be used to propel the plot is the narrative in the surveillance system.

"We've set narrative structures up to help with this. Irrespective of where you're navigating to in Gotham City, you'll be bombarded with narrative through Batman's surveillance system." said Ginn in the interview. "You get a highly contrasted sense of whether you're on a right path or not. The operations of the criminals—such as Two-Face, the Penguin and Harley Quinn—keys into that as well and you can move between them fairly seamlessly."

Cool Plot Twist

Speaking of the narrative, Gameranx managed to spot an interesting bit of information that can actually become a surprising plot twist to "Batman: Akrham Knight."

It seems that Best Buy's Twitter account has mentioned that the new game will allow gamers to play as Bruce Wayne's son. "Masked as Bruce Wayne's son, drive the Batmobile & defend the city from notorious villains," according to the Tweet. Until the time of writing, the company has not yet taken down the tweet, which is just as interesting, as it can mean that it's an official bit of news.

What do you think of this plot twist? Does it change things up a bit? So what will be Batman's motivation this time, seeing as he is the son of Bruce Wayne? Will this be Damian that the rumours are referring to?

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