Batman: Arkham Knight Emerges With New Screenshots, Story Details and Updates From Rocksteady

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A man reaches for a Batman comic book during Batman Day at the Midtown Comics store in New York July 23, 2014. Comic book stores are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Caped Crusader. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

"Batman: Arkham Knight" may be Rocksteady's last take on the Arkham game series, but the studio is taking the project as seriously as though it were their last game.

It has been quite the journey for Rocksteady since they started with "Batman: Arkham Asylum." But as proven by the succeeding games following this debut, the studio has just gotten better at what they do best.

"Our approach has been to put everything we have into every game we make. We never hold ideas back because you never know what's around the corner," director Sefton Hill said to GamesTM. "So I guess you could describe that as a 'kitchen sink' approach but I'd prefer to say it's more of a 'live every game as if it's your last' approach."

And this is showcased by the way that the little details in Batman: Arkham Knight are laid out. In the interview with GamesTM, Rocksteady confirmed that this was the game that they were able to showcase the entirety of Gotham--from its dingy streets to the sweeping skyscrapers that would even serve as Batman's battleground in the game.

Even the weather is something to behold, as it sets the entire tone of "Batman: Arkham Knight, the city shrouded in darkness, and made even better with an atmosphere built solely for the next-gen consoles.

Rocksteady Rolls Out New Screenshots at Gamescom

Fans don't have to wait long for updates on the game, however as Gamescom brings with it a new batch of screenshots.

Compiled by Arkhamverse, the screenshots show off a couple of new moves and some weapons, such as Batman'a batarang, Arkham Knight's army of machines and a few more screens of the Batmobile.

The batarang is said to be remote-controlled, while Batman also gets a few moves in tandem with the Batmobile in Battle mode.

More Gameplay Details Revealed

Gamescom has also uncovered new details for "Batman: Arkham Knight, starting with new weapons and additions. GamesRadar has listed all of the things revealed, such as the Bat-Scanner, which is a star-shaped device that allows for surveillance controlled by Batman.

Batman also has a video chat hologram device on his right wrist, which may be a way to call in the anticipated Batmobile. Batman is not the only one with new weapons, as the Batmobile has been revealed to also have an Afterburner Mode, which then allows it to rev up and then dash up its speed.

If there's something very notable about "Batman: Arkham Knight," it would have to be the very fluid combat and expansive ways of engaging in battle. According to GamesRader, there are combo moves that are unlockable, and there are even some attacks that would fit a specific situation.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" at Gamescom (Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkam Videos)

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