‘The Bastard Executioner’: Kurt Sutter's Next Project After ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Finale

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"Sons of Anarchy" series creator Kurt Sutter is brewing another project with FX after wrapping up with SoA finale. The esteemed writer recently revealed that he wants to take a break for a few years before making any potential prequel miniseries.

Now that his biker drama is coming to an end for its final season, Sutter has landed a new project with FX, a new medieval drama "The Bastard Executioner." Along with executive producer Brian Grazer, Sutter was given the pilot-greenlit "Bastard Executioner" that follows a knight during the reign of King Edward III.

According to Deadline, "Bastard Executioner tells the story of a warrior knight in King Edward III's charge who is broken by the ravages of war and vows to lay down his sword. But when that violence finds him again he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all."

The "Sons of Anarchy" showrunner will write the script and one of the executive producers of the show. "Bastard Executioner" will start filming its pilot late this year after SoA Season 7 finale.

"For 13 years at FX, starting as a writer and working his way up to an executive producer on The Shield, then as Creator/Executive Producer of Sons Of Anarchy, Kurt has interwoven literary and pulp storytelling within two of the most successful series in cable history," says FX network CEO John Langraff.

The idea about FX's new medieval show came from Grazer when he pitched the idea to 20th chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman. The two top executives suggested Sutter as a writer, and after putting his ideas around the project FX took the pitch and bought it on the spot.

Two of the industry's great minds together in one project, "The Bastard Executioner" is  going to be phenomenal. "It was our great pleasure to introduce Kurt to Brian Grazer, who is a powerful force in our industry and a great champion of breakthrough films and television shows like Imagine's own 24 and Arrested Development," says Walden and Newman.

"Kurt and Brian together will be unstoppable," they added.

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