'Basketball Wives L.A.' Draya Michele Sundy Carter Fight at Oscar Pre-Party: Scandrick's Secret Revealed [VIDEO]

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"Basketball Wives L.A." Sundy Carter and Draya Michele couldn't hold off their feuds even on red carpet events that the two were even caught on camera during a major cat fight. HipHollywood caught Sundy and Michele's loud fight at the Uptown Magazine Pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles, where co-star Malaysia Pargo stood firm to prevent the altercation from being physical.

"You came to my job!" Michele yelled at Carter, who both might still be harboring anger from their last argument in November 2013. A source revealed that Draya got upset when Sundy call her a ho and said that one could not be turned into a housewife.

According to TMZ, their first big fight happened at an L.A. night club after Carter allegedly started bad mouthing Michele's boyfriend and Dallas Cowboys player, Orlando Scandrick. The fight was reportedly so bad the ladies had to be pulled off off each other and Carter even had a black eye. Draya was said to be so upset about Carter's comments about Scandrick that she decided to pass off the finale trip to Paris. Of course, it is expected to let loose again on the show's reunion episode. The NFL star was also caught in a cheating scandal recently after he allegedly texted another woman.

It was previously reported that Scandrick expressed his dislike with the show's drama and asked Draya to just quit it. "I think it has been really hard on my boyfriend. We watch the show together and he has come to the point already. It has been episode one, we saw 60 minutes of what's going to be going on for 12 weeks and he was like 'I do not think you should do this next year. How much are they paying you again? I will pay you double to sit you a** on the couch," Draya said in an interview with Bog Boi's Neighborhood.

Scandrick also made a shocking reveal on episode 3: Chantel admitted that he dated her while he was with the model. "Never once did he let on that he had a girlfriend," said Jackie Christie's daughter. Chante; even said that she washed dishes in Scandrick's house. When Jackie told Draya about it, Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend supposedly denied the news.

Despite Jackie's claims, Draya said she and Scandrick are very much in love. During their six-month anniversary, Draya reportedly hoped for an engagement ring but got a pair of diamond stud earrings instead.


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