Barack Obama is Gay, Michelle Transgender: Joan Rivers

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U.S. President Obama speaks about job numbers and the economy during a visit to 1776, a tech startup hub, in Washington
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about job numbers and the economy during a visit to 1776, a tech startup hub, in Washington July 3, 2014. U.S. employment growth jumped in June and the jobless rate closed in on a six-year low, decisive evidence the economy was moving forward at a brisk clip after a surprisingly big slump at the start of the year. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

U.S. President Barack Obama is gay and his wife Michelle is a transgender, according to Joan Rivers. The actress expressed her views candidly about the 44th president of the United States and the first lady of the country.

Rivers officiated a gay wedding recently. A photographer asked her if there was any possibility, according to her, to see a homosexual president of the United States. She was prompt to reply that the country had already got its first gay president. "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down," Rivers said. She also "informed" the photographer that the first lady of the country was a "trans." She was further asked by the photographer to clarify what she said about the first lady. "A transgender. We all know it," Rivers clarified.

When CNN tried learning further about Rivers' views about the president and his wife, her representative issued a statement on behalf of the 81-year old, saying it was a "compliment." "She's so attractive, tall, with a beautiful body, great face, does great makeup," the statement said, "The most gorgeous women are transgender." While talking about being "politically correct," Rivers' statement said that it was a "politically incorrect" attack on her because she was an old Jewish heterosexual woman. She also said that the reporter attempted touching her derriere after turning off the camera. "I plan to sue the reporter," she said.

This is, however, not the first time when the "Fashion Police" hostess' sense of humour was way below the belt. She has often been criticised for being insensitive while cracking jokes about matters which are rather serious in nature. She earlier joked about Adele's weight, the Holocaust and Ariel Castro victims. She even joked about Lindsay Lohan's miscarriage. She refused to apologise on each occasions as her excuse has always been her profession of being a comedienne. She has often claimed that her way of speaking the truth is doing so through humour. However, more often than not, she ends up offending people.

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