Banned ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Scene Released Online [VIDEO]

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“The Walking Dead” season 4 has a deleted scene, and it has been released online.

Spoilers ahead. Please don’t read further if you haven’t watched season 4 yet.

The final few seconds of the post-apocalyptic horror series in season 4 were as dramatic as ever, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) telling his fellow survivors, “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” before the screen faded to black.

As threatening as his final words were, they were even more sinister in the deleted scene, in which Rick just replaced one word in his speech.

In the deleted scene, Rick said, “They’re f---ing with the wrong people.”

Yes, the scene was deleted and replaced because Rick said the word “f---.” It wasn’t even for excessive violence or nudity; there was none of that at the last seconds. However, with the strict censorship in the U.S., it’s no wonder why they had to reshoot the scene.

“The Walking Dead” airs on AMC, a basic cable network, which means that it’s not allowed to air “bad” language.

Knowing that they wouldn’t get away with it, then why film Rick saying “f---“ in the first place?

It’s probably because that’s the exact same line he said in the comics, on which the TV series is based. It gives fans of both comics and the show certain satisfaction in hearing Rick say his iconic line, the way Robert Kirkman wrote it on the comic book series.

Viewers might get the tamer version when they watch it on TV, but they would get the exact same line as the comics when they watch the deleted scene on DVD and Blu-ray.

Watch the deleted scene:

Meanwhile, “The Walking Dead” has featured the trailer for season 5 at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

The trailer has got people worried that Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr) might meet his demise at the hands of Gareth (Andrew J West).

As Movie Pilot observed, in the sneak peek for the upcoming season, Bob, Rick and the rest of the people from season 4 who were not in the Terminus were captured and lined up on their knees. Bob pleads Gareth to stop and “take a chance,” telling him about their mission to Washington, DC, where they hope there’s cure for zombies.

Gareth then has his arm around Bob, which seems like he is in the position to strike Bob with a knife. A second later, Rick looks at Gareth like he is planning revenge, while part of Bob’s head is seen at the foreground.

And that’s the disturbing scene. Bob’s head looks limp, like it’s only Gareth’s hand that is holding it up. His eyes are closed as well. This might mean that Gareth has killed him then.

The fifth season of the show comes back in October.

Season 5 trailer:

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