Bad Girl Rihanna Poses In Front of a Mosque in Abu Dhabi: Controversial Photos [SLIDESHOW]

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Rihanna is one celebrity that does what she wants, when she wants it.

After having two Thais arrested when she posted a photo with endangered species, the Slow Loris on her Instagram account, the singer is now in hot water again for posing in front of a mosque.

After the tweets and other experiences in which she posted for her millions of fans to learn about on Thailand, she now is in another controversy as she poses in front of a Mosque in Abu Dhabi wearing a Hijab.

The Hijab is known as a Muslim wear, which Muslim women wear when in public. This is worn when in public and in the presence of males, which shows modesty and respect.

The "Diamonds" singer wore a black Hijab and was fully clothed for the first time. She does this though with her own sense of fashion as she wears a golden necklace to add to her black hijab. The singer also wears red lipstick as she poses in front of the many sacred places in Abu Dhabi.

These photos were posted in her Instagram account, badgalriri, where she has different photos of her in the various parts of the mosque. Even though the singer looks fairly beautiful in the photos and wearing a modest and respectful, many have taken to voice their opinions about Rihanna's posing in front of a religious place.

The singer is not seen in any sensual poses at all though it may be disrespectful to have a photo shoot in front of a religious and sacred place. Many have said that it is disrespectful to the religion while other said that the singer was being respectful as she had did try to dress appropriately.

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