Backlash Against Celebs' Babies: From Kim Karadashian's Ear Piercing of North West to Natural Hair of Beyonce’s Blue Ivy

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian Holds Her Baby in Her Arms as She Shops in Paris
TV personality Kim Kardashian holds her baby in her arms as she shops in Paris, May 20, 2014. Reuters

What do baby Blue Ivy Carter and baby North West have in common? Apart from being blessed with famous parents (Beyone- Jay Z and Kim and Kanye respectively) and born with a silver spoon in mouth, the two little girls have also faced public backlash recently.

Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy Carter has been criticized for having natural hair and not combing them. The criticism has gone to such an extent that there has been a petition called "Comb Blue Ivy's Hair." North West has faced criticism after mommy Kim Kardashian decided to get her ears pierced as a mark of celebrating her first birthday. The act has been called "cruel and tacky" by many critics on social media.

A New York based individual has come up with a distasteful petition on which urges Beyoncé and Jay Z to "properly care" for their 2-year-old daughter's hair. The petitioner has gone to the extent of posting a picture of the toddler where she is seen with her naturally curly hairstyle. Surprisingly, the petition has gained more than 5000 supporters till date. Read more on the petition here. 

When artist India Arie heard about this petition against a baby, she expressed her anger publically with an open letter on Twitter. "Why does ANYone get the idea that it's ok to make fun of a child?" the "Cocoa Butter" singer expressed her anguish on Twitter.

India went on to say that it is not right for people to think that celebrities are "not real" since one sees them on television. One should not humiliate any celebrity child on public, the singer urged in her open post.

"Blue Ivy-is a CHILD," India said adding that it is not right to deny any person their humanity.

Meanwhile new bride Kim Kardashian too suffered severe backlash on public when she got her daughter's ears pierced, which is a common culture followed by many countries. The reality television star was pictured with her daughter wearing diamond studs on her first birthday on June 15. Read more about it here.  

The critics, including famous television personality Katie Hopkins, not only called North West "ugly" but also criticised Kim's decision. 

"North West. If there's one thing worse than an ugly baby, it's an ugly baby with pierced ears," wrote television personality Katie Hopkins with a picture of North on Twitter page. Check out the controversial tweet here.

There are critics who believe that a child's ears should only be pierced when she is old enough to understand it and make the decision herself. "Kim Kardashian has pierced her one-year-old's ears? That's cruel AND tacky," wrote another critic Katy Brent on Twitter.

Meanwhile Kim Kardashian is yet to respond to this public backlash against her decision.

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