The Bachelorette Season 10 (2014) Major Finale Spoilers: Josh Murray Vs Nick Viall- Who Will Andi Dorfman Pick as Winner [Videos]

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"The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) has reached its climax. In few more days, Andi Dorfman will pick her choice and her secret relationship with the winner will become very much public. The show is down to the final two suitors- Nick Viall and Josh Murray. And fans are eager to know who Andi Dorfman takes as the winner of the show and her life partner. It is no secret that the bachelorette is torn between the two bachelors and this decision isn't going to be simple for her. However, it's time for fans to know who the winner is going to be eventually. Based on the spoilers swirling around, here is the ultimate spoiler from "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) Finale. [Warning: Potential Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) Finale. Read only if you want to learn more about it.

According to Reality Steve, Andi Dorfman is going to choose Josh Murray over Nick Viall as the winner of "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014). Reality Steve is known as reality show spy and has been spoiling the bachelor series for a long time. Even before the show premiered on ABC and even before Andi Dorfman gave away the first impression rose, Reality Steve dished out the spoilers from each episode in his "episode-by-episode spoilers guide" in his blog

According to him, Andi Dorfman is currently engaged to Josh Murray who she apparently gave the final rose in the final rose ceremony airing in the finale episode. Adding some believability to the abovementioned information is the recently leaked video. The Hollywood Gossip reports that the footage is from the day when Nick Viall was flying in US Airways flight 3837 from Charlotte to Milwaukee after the final rose ceremony taped in May. During his journey he was reportedly speaking to someone on the phone and it seemed like he was complaining about Andi Dorfman choosing Josh Murray over him. Two videos of Nick Viall recently surfaced on the internet. Reality Steve published a three-minute video and a thirty-second video on his YouTube page. Scroll down to watch it.

Though the rumours are spreading like wildfire, it remains to be seen who Andi Dorfman actually picks as the winner on three-hour finale segment. Until then this information must be treated as rumours or speculations. However, Reality Steve's spoilers were accurate for Juan Pablo's season of "The Bachelor."

Nick Viall, "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) finalist, is a 32-year-old Software Sales executive working for in Chicago. He is the first impression rose winner and his chemistry with Andi Dorfman is incontestable.

Josh Murray is a 29-year-old former professional baseball player who now works as Financial Services Rep for Capstone Financial. He confessed his love for Andi Dorfman in the fantasy suite dates episode and his confidence and charm makes him irresistible to her.

Who do you think is the actual winner of "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014)? Andi Dorfman picks Nick Viall or Josh Murray as her true love in the final rose ceremony will be revealed in Finale (Episode 11) airing on July 24, 2018 at 8:00pm on ABC network. So stay tuned.

Video: Nick Viall trashes Josh Murray on the phone

Credit: RealitySteve 24

Video: Nick Viall talking about his "Bachelorette" Experience

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