The Bachelorette Season 10 (2014) Finale, ATFR Spoilers: Things to Know About ‘Surprising, Explosive Ending’ of Andi Dorfman’s Season

Josh Murray Vs Nick Viall
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"The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) airs its much-awaited Season finale on Monday, July 28, 2014. On this day, Andi Dorfman will give away the final rose to one of his two finalists: Josh Murray or Nick Viall. Here is everything fans need to know about "The Bachelorette Season 10 (2014) Episode 11, Finale, the Final Rose Ceremony and After the Final Rose special. Head inside to find out the details. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) Finale (Episode 11) and After the Final Rose (ATFR). Read only if you want to learn more about it.

Last week fans saw the return of the rejected bachelors to "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014). The heartbroken men came face to face with season's leading lady Andi Dorfman in an exciting "Men Tell All" special. While some had questions to ask, there were some who took the opportunity to confess their love for her. However, it's time to move on and look forward to the events of the finale episode.

ABC has released a detailed press release of the "most romantic and dramatic nights on ABC." According to the press release, "The Bachelorette" Season 10 Episode 11-Finale will consist of the final rose ceremony, announcement of the winner and "After the Final Rose" special. The season finale event will last for three hours, beginning at 8:00pm ET.

The synopsis of the Season Finale notes that in the concluding episode, fans will see Andi Dorfman "absolutely torn between" Josh Murray and Nick Viall. Andi Dorfman "sits down with host Chris Harrison, live, to talk about her" two finalists. The show will feature the moments from "final days" that Andi Dorfman spent with Nick Viall and Josh Murray. Then, both the finalists will join Andi in the studios to talk about the "shocking outcome of the show and their relationships."

Meeting with Andi Dorfman's Family

"The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" reportedly features "emotional ending to Andi's heartfelt journey" in search of love and life partner. Viewers will also get to see what happens when Josh Murray and Nick Viall meets Andi's family. According to the report, the first one to meet up with Andi's father is Nick. Nick is looking forward to ask for Andi's hand from his father. The report notes that the beginning is a bit "shaky" and Nick will find himself "tongue-tied" when he meets with the family. As for Josh Murray, it remains to be seen if his "charm" will convince Andi's father to allow him to marry his daughter.

Final One-On-One Dates

"The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) also showcases Andi's final one-on-one dates with her final suitors. As per the synopsis, the bachelorette and Josh Murray board a sailboat to spend some time "exploring coasts of Dominican Republic." However, things between them get serious when they try and envision their future with each other. The report notes that Josh Murray presents a "heartfelt gift" to Andi Dorfman on the boat.

Her date with Nick Viall reportedly takes her to a "secret lagoon for a private swim." Things between them heat up and they realize that their "chemistry is undeniable." Andi gets another gift on her date with Nick Viall.

The Conclusion

According to the press release, the ending of the show is "surprising" and "explosive." Are you ready for it?

For those eager fans, they can take a look at Andi Dorfman and "The Bachelorette" Season 10 (2014) Finale (Episode 11) in the newly released pictures. Click HERE to view them as published by Buddy TV in a slideshow. The picture shows Andi Dorfman looking stunning in a cream coloured gown that she wears for the live event and "After the Final Rose" special (ATFR).

Fans can also take a look at detailed promo of "The Bachelorette" Season 10 Finale (Episode 11) as released by ABC on its official Web site. The promo shows some passionate moments between Andi Dorfman and the bachelors. She can also be seen crying on various occasions. What is going on? To find out tune into "The Bachelorette" Season 10 Finale (Episode 11) featuring final rose ceremony and After the Final Rose Special on ABC.

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