'The Bachelorette' 2014 Breaking News: Top Reasons Why Andi Dorfman is the Perfect Choice

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The new reports suggest that one of the finalists of "The Bachelor", Andi Dorfman has been finalized as "The Bachelorette" for the next season of the series. In her report of Hollywoodlife.com, Emily Longeretta notes that Jaun Pablo Galavis may have not seen the maturity and the good things about Andi but she will find her soulmate as the next season of 'The Bachelorette' kicks in.

Andi is a defense attorney by profession and has high moral values and this is one of the main reasons, which make her the perfect choice for "The Bachelorette" after Juan Pablo Galavis.

Apparently, what really helped Andi Dorfman lock the place of "The Bachelorette" is the episode of The Bachelor where she refuses to pose nude for the classy photo shoot. There were many contestants who did not mind shedding clothes for the shoot. However, it was against Andi's life values.

Emily of Hollywoodlife.com  further notes that the strong headedness and clear cut life approach has worked in favor of Andi and has got the producers of the show interested in her.

Andi is very sure of the kind of place she comes from and kind of profession she belongs to, where she fights for a right cause but posing nude is not what she thinks she could do.

"My respect for her sky rocketed after that episode. That is the kind of traits a Bachelorette should possess. It's easy for them to be pretty, sexy and say all the right things. But she says the real things, the things people aren't saying but want to," Longeretta noted about Andi.

There is another very enticing thing about Andi, she makes good and long lasting friendships.  Unlike other contestants in the "The Bachelor" Andi maintained good terms with Nikki Perrel. This clearly shows that Andi is a level headed person who will bring needed calmeness required in the main lead of The Bachelorette.

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