‘The Bachelor’ Update: Juan Pablo’s Mixed Signals Confuse Bachelorettes, Next Episode to Epitomise Scratching of Heads

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"The Bachelor," Juan Pablo, of this season is reportedly making the girls scratch their heads, as he continues to send mixed signals. In the middle of the game, he changes rules. One moment he decides that there will be no further kissing, as his daughter is watching and the next moment, he lifts the kissing ban.      

Chris Harrison, host of "The Bachelor," said to TV Guide that year's bachelor keeps sending mixed signals to the girls. Harrison said: Pablo "sends mixed messages to the girls and they find it very confusing." He called it the "Juan Pablo barrier," which has nothing to do with the language barrier.

Pablo's frustrating behaviour of sending mixed messages will continue throughout the season. It is going to make the viewers as well as the bachelorettes scratch their heads. Harrison said that Pablo's behaviour will "really make you scratch your head."

Harrison said it is like "You're going to make a stand now?"  He added: "It's closing the barn door after the horses are already out. Why now, after making out with the others, do you decide it's enough? So he's changing the rules in the middle of the game."

Pablo will continue re-inventing rules, making the girls scratch their heads and wonder, "where they stand."  Harrison revealed that in the upcoming episode, there's a situation that's "going to arise that will epitomize this."

In the previous episode of "The Bachelor," Pablo and the girls flew to Seoul, South Korea. Pablo decided that he does not want his little girl to see him kissing all the twenty girls. He put a full stop on kisses. The man has already kissed six girls till now -- Chelsie, Nikki, Cassandra, Sharleen, Andi, and Clare. Lauren S was reduced to tears when he stopped her from kissing him. She felt that Pablo is not interested in her. However, she did receive a long, comfort hug from Pablo. The kiss ban does not last long, as the bachelor ended-up kissing Clare.

Andi received the date rose. Lauren and Elise returned home, without a rose. The next episode of "The Bachelor" has been shot in Vietnam.    

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