'The Bachelor' Update: Juan Pablo Galavis Finally Publicly Expresses His Love for Nikki Ferrell

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"The Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavis left everyone shocked when he refused to admit his love for Nikki Ferrell on the finale. However, the 33-year-old reality star has finally made the rare admission.

Wetpaint report states that Juan Pablo Galavis "finally made his love for Nikki [Ferrell] public." "The Bachelor" star took to Twitter to thank and express his love for his girlfriend. In his tweet, he even revealed how the couple celebrated the reality star's birthday.

Juan Pablo Galavis wrote on Twitter:

Fans must note that "Te Quiero Mucho Mi Catira" means "I Love you very much my blonde" (as translated by Wetpaint).

The single dad celebrated his birthday on Aug. 5, 2014. Based on his tweet, it seems he celebrated his special day with his 5-year-old daughter Camila and his girlfriend Nikki Ferrell.

"The Bachelor" wrapped its finale in March 2014. Even after five months of making their relationship public, the couple is yet to make any kind of engagement or wedding announcements. Juan Pablo Galavis has expressed his affection and love for Nikki Ferrell in many ways. The report notes that this is the first time he has made the "open declaration of the full phrase 'I love you.'" All that JPG told Nikki Ferrell during the final rose ceremony of "The Bachelor 2014" was that he "liked her a lot."

Ever since they got together, "The Bachelor" couple has been plagued by split and relationship problem rumours. Since Juan Pablo did not propose Nikki Ferrell on the finale, several media outlets and fans speculated that the couple is bound to end up without engagement or wedding. Despite all the speculations and hearsays swirling around, the couple confirms that they are going strong.

In their recent interview with People, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell together addressed the split rumours.

"We're doing great," Nikki Ferrell told People.

 "We are very happy together," "The Bachelor" winner added.

As for Juan Pablo Galavis, he admitted that he doesn't "pay attention" to what people have to "write" about them. Meanwhile, Nikki Ferrell admitted that split rumours "hurt" her "feelings." However, she reiterates that both of them are "happy and doing well" together. What do you think?

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