‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Juan Pablo Valentine Day’s Make-Out Clip, Things To Heat-Up In New Zealand

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Juan Pablo is having the best and controversial time of his life despite tears flowing, freely on "The Bachelor" Season 8.

In Vietnam, Pablo had a making out session with Claire in the ocean. He later regretted doing that after realizing that his daughter will see the episode. He realized his making out session with one girl is not being fair to the rest of the girls who are still vying for his attention and the red rose. The man stayed true to his nature of giving mixed signals and reduced a confused and embarrassed Claire to tears.

Entertainment Weekly has posted a clip of the upcoming episode, saying everything goes to hell as a result of what happened in the previous episode. Check out the clip here.  The promo clip noted things are going to heat-up in New Zealand and everything is going to go to hell.  

The clip added only one word describes Valentine's on "Bachelor" and that is "hot." The clip featured some hot moments and got submerged in the teary moments that followed.   

In the previous week's episode, Alli, Kelly and Danielle were sent home. In addition to Claire, Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, Andi and Nikki were still in the fray to become Juan Pablo's life partner.

Since the beginning of "The Bachelor," Pablo has been landing in one controversy or another. He first landed in controversy when he disapproved of Gay Bachelor idea because gay people are "more pervert in a sense." He later did apologize but the damage was already done.

Pablo has been criticized for giving mixed signals to the girls. He had famously said in one of the episodes, "I don't want my daughter to see her dad kissing 20 girls."

But dad said that after kissing six girls. This bachelor did the deed first and reflected later, making the girls feel confused and embarrassed, as if it is their fault. 

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