‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Spoilers: Meet Sharleen Joynt, the Bachelorette Who Walks Out on Juan Pablo in Shocking Self-Initiated Elimination

Reality Steve Reveals Sharleen Joynt Eliminates Herself in ‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Episode/Week 7
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Bachelorette Sharleen Joynt's mysterious aura makes her highly noticeable to "The Bachelor" season 18 (2014) lead Juan Pablo. She received the first rose of impression on the premiere of the show, and it appeared as if she was hesitant to accept it. Her sophistication and classy conduct makes her irresistible to the bachelor star which could be the reason for her lasting this long even after displaying her disinterest, quite often. But according to the recent reports, based on reality TV show guru Reality Steve's spoilers' guide of "The Bachelor" season 18 (2014), Sharleen Joynt will walk out on Juan Pablo Galavis in episode/week 7. [Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

Long running reality dating show "The Bachelor" wrapped up its week 6 in New Zealand and will now head to Miami. The competition is narrowed down to only six bachelorettes, battling to become Juan Pablo's wife. Reportedly, Sharleen Joynt quits even after coming so close to the finals. Fans feel she is a strong contender to go all the way and become the winner of the show. But reportedly, she will quit the show by eliminating herself during the week in Miami.

According to the reports, Sharleen Joynt bags a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) episode/ week 7 in Miami. The spoilers suggest that the two enjoy some private time in a private yacht. It is here when she realises that she has no feelings and connection with the bachelor. She realises she has no interest in becoming Juan Pablo's wife.

Following this, Sharleen Joynt will visit Juan Pablo in his hotel room in Miami after his second one-on-one date with Nikki Ferrell. Here she explains to him how she feels about their connection and eliminates herself from the show. Sharleen Joynt's abrupt walk out from the show may leave her fans in shock, as they believed that the opera singer could easily reach the finals. At the same time, several media outlets speculated her early exit.

Sharleen is a 29-year-old soprano singer from Ottawa, Canada. According to allvoices.com, Sharleen's favourite author is Haruki Murakami, and she enjoys eating and talking.

Do you think, like previous episodes, Reality Steve is correct about Sharleen Joynt's self-initiated elimination from "The Bachelor" season 18 (2014) in episode/week 7? Do you think she will actually walk out on Juan Pablo Galavis?

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