The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) Spoilers: Juan Pablo Galavis Quits the Show? -- Report

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When things have only just started to heat up on The Bachelor Season 18 (2014), the show's lead is already calling it quits. Only after three weeks into The Bachelor Season 18 (2014), the bachelor and former soccer star Juan Pablo Galavis tells ABC that he is quitting the sensational show. Continue to read to find learn more details and the truth behind the story. (Spoilers)

Recent reports about The Bachelor Season 18 (2014), reported shocking news that Juan Pablo might quit the ABC's super hit reality show. A cover story by In Touch magazine led to the rise of these rumors as the cover page of its recent issue read: "Bachelor Meltdown: Does Juan Pablo Quit the Show?"

According to the reports, the tabloid claimed that The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) lead Juan Pablo threatened to leave the show. Reportedly, he did so because he is done with the "competing and conniving" bachelorettes trying to win the show and his heart.

Already, girls on The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) are displaying shrewd and scheming behavior. While emotions and drama are at rise, several girls like Clare Crawley and Elise Mosca exhibited feelings of jealousy with their emotional outburst in The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) Episode 3. According to the reports, Juan Pablo threatened the show makers as he "walked out of sight."

Earlier, reports surfaced claiming Juan Pablo Galavis "almost quit the show a couple times." In an interview with Access Hollywood Live, Juan Pablo confessed that The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) got so tough that he wanted to quit not once but several times.

 "I don't like hurting people, and it gets tough as you start getting to know people better," told Juan Pablo Galavis to Access Hollywood as quoted by

Various media outlets are speculating that the report by In Touch magazine is only a sensational cover story. Also, there is no reason for fans to fret as reality TV shows' guru has already dished out the spoilers about the winner of The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) which suggests that it may go on till the end. Even before the show was premiered, Reality Steve on his blog revealed that bachelorette Nikki Ferrell is the winner of the show.

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