‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Spoilers: Final Four Contestants Revealed; Things to Know About the Finalists of Juan Pablo Season

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Even before "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) premiered on Jan. 5, 2014 a lot was revealed about the show. Reality TV show guru, Reality Steve dished out major spoilers in his spoilers guide for Juan Pablo Galavis season on his blog named realitysteve.com. Until now, he has been correct about who would be eliminated in the episodes, week after week.

The show has now reached its seventh episode, wherein the final four contestants/ bachelorettes will be revealed. But even before "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Week/Episode 7 is aired, fans already know who would be the final four bachelorettes battling the final round. If you have missed out on that detail, then read on to find out the final four contestants and more things to know about them. [Warning: Major Spoilers]

'The Bachelor' Season 18 (2014): Meet the Final Four Bachelorettes of Juan Pablo Season

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry spoilers report based on Reality Steve's spoilers, in "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Week/ Episode 7, the final four contestants will be revealed. Out of six bachelorettes, Sharleen Joynt will exit the show after her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo through self-initiated elimination. And during the rose ceremony Chelsie Webster will be eliminated by the bachelor star. This means that the remaining final four contestants who will battle to become Juan Pablo Galavis' wife are: Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley and Renee Oteri.

'The Bachelor' Season 18 (2014): Meet the Final Four Contestants of Juan Pablo Season

Andi Dorfman: One of the four final bachelorettes is 26-year-old Andi Dorfman from Georgia in Atlanta. Andi is quite an independent and accomplished girl who is an assistant district attorney at the Fulton County DA's office as reported by Wet Paint. Also she was named as the "Most Eligible Bachelorette" by a local Atlanta magazine. She graduated from Louisiana State University in 2009 with a degree in communications studies. In 2012 she graduated from a law school at Wake Forest.  According to heavy.com, she is an excellent tennis player. She is also rumored to be the lead in "The Bachelorette" 2014 after she eliminates herself from "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014).

Clare Crawley: Clare is a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, California who works at a Salon called Mecca, as reported by Wet Paint. Her area of expertise is men's hair and coloring. According to more spoilers, she makes it to the final three on "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) but fails to win the trophy.

Renee Oteri: Renee is a 32-year-old real estate agent from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She is also a photographer and has graduated in studio art from Santa Fe College. She is a mother to an eight-year-old child.

Nikki Ferrell: Nikki Ferrell is a 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kearney, Missouri. She is a registered pediatric nurse at Children's Mercy Hospital and is a part-time model. It is said, Nikki has four tattoos on her body. According to the spoilers by Reality Steve, she will turn out to be the villain of the show. But she will also be picked in the final rose ceremony of "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) by Juan Pablo Galavis. Unfortunately, the show will end without a proposal.

"The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) will return to ABC with week/episode 7 on Feb. 17, 2014.

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