‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Finale (Episode 11) Spoilers: Nikki Ferrell Vs Clare Crawley; Who Does Juan Pablo Chooses as Winner? [VIDEO]

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"The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) is finally coming to an end. The finale (episode 11) is upon us and it is time when Juan Pablo will wind up his journey to find his love, wife and mother for his 5-year-old daughter Camila. The show narrowed down to just two finalists-Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley-after Andi Dorfman decided to quit the show in Feb. 24 episode. It is really difficult to pick your favorite as the winner this season. But the word is already out. Here you can find out who Juan Pablo will give the final rose to in the Final Rose Ceremony in "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Finale (Episode 11).

Warning: Spoiler Alert! This article contains major spoilers from 'The Bachelor' Season 18 (2014) Finale Episode (11). Read only if you want to know more about the episode before its broadcast.

"The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Finale Spoilers: Finalists Nikki Ferrell Vs Clare Crawley

The final two women who are vying to win Juan Pablo's heart as well as the show are Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley. Nikki Ferrell is a 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kansas City. As reported by Hollywood Life, she is a registered nurse at the Children's Mercy Hospital in KC in Missouri. It is said she has four tattoos on her body. She is also a part-time model and has an Instagram and Pintrest account.

On Instagram account she describes herself as "Family first, Kiddo nurse, Dreamer, Life of the party, currently living a fulfilled and happy life," as noted by Hollywood Life.

Second finalist of the show is 32-year-old Clare Crawley. She is a hairstylist from Sacramento, California. Fans know that she has been quite a drama queen in the show, with frequent emotional outbursts. According to a Wetpaint report, she works at Mecca Salon and holds her expertise in men's hairdos and coloring. Yourtango.com notes that Clare Crawley is "super athletic" and has some intense workout pictures posted on her Twitter account. Also, it is said that Clare Crawley is "part Mexican and bilingual," thus conversing with Juan Pablo in Spanish won't be difficult for her.

After watching the entire season, who do you think is best suited for Juan Pablo? Looking back at the events that rolled in involving these two finalists, fans may not be able to pick a favorite. Cartermatt.com speculates that Nikki Ferrell is much preferred winner of the show as there was "less drama between the two of them." On the other hand, Clare Crawley maybe rejected by Juan Pablo for they have a "history of conflict." Also, if hometown dates are taken into consideration, things went great between Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo than Clare Crawley and the bachelor star. Read on to find out who wins the show.

"The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Finale (Episode 11) Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose as the Winner? [MAJOR SPOILERS]

Even before the show premiered in Jan 2014, reality show spy, Reality Steve revealed episode by episode spoilers on his blog.

According to the Reality Steve's spoilers, Juan Pablo will choose Nikki Ferrell over Clare Crawley in the Final Rose Ceremony that will take place in "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Finale (Episode 11).

If Reality Steve is to be believed Nikki Ferrell is the finalist who will be chosen by Juan Pablo as the winner of "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014). He also claims that she will only receive the final rose but not a proposal. Do you think there will be a proposal for Nikki Ferrell at the live After the Final Rose ceremony? Don't forget to tune into ABC on March 10, 2014 for the three hour episode including the live After the Final Rose session.

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Watch the promo video from "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Finale Episode (11), below:

Video: The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis - Ep 11 FRC/Finale Preview

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