The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) Episode 4 Spoilers, Recap: What Happens in the Week Spent in Seoul?— Dates, Roses and Elimination

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The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) has started its real journey, now. Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis who is looking for a wife and a mother for his daughter Camila Valentina, is surrounded by controversies and jealous bachelorettes. With only 11 women left out of 27, vying for his attention and love, he must move ahead in search of his soul mate. For The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) Week/ Episode 4, Juan Pablo and his group of 13 ladies go to the exotic city of Seoul in South Korea. Know what happens in Seoul Special City. Does Juan Pablo find his "Seoul" mate in the beautiful city?  (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

The Bachelor Season 18 Week/ Episode 4 Spoilers: Things to Know

After a week of emotional outbursts, Juan Pablo Galavis and the bachelorettes get to travel and explore an exotic place Seoul in South Korea. It is said that former soccer star and show's lead, Juan Pablo was reluctant for the trip as it meant that he has to leave his daughter behind. But keeping aside his hesitance, he chose to head to the place in search of his soul mate.

The Bachelor Season 18 Week/ Episode 4: Group Date

In last few weeks, the bachelorettes undertook some interesting and adventurous tasks on group dates with the man of their dreams. This week, neither did they pose naked nor did they kick around the soccer ball in the field. Instead, they shook a leg in front of a live audience at a concert.

On group date in The Bachelor Season 18 Week/ Episode 4, Juan Pablo and his ladies visited YG Entertainment, a record and talent agency of Seoul. Herein they met a K-Pop group of girls called 2NE1 (pronounced as "to anyone" or "twenty one".) Chelsie, Nikki, Kat, Elise, Danielle and Cassandra learned a dance routine that was to be performed in the girl group's concert, later at night.

During the performance, Kat receives the limelight and first chance to spend some alone time with Juan Pablo. On the other hand, Nikki strives hard to fight her stage fright and perform in front of the live audience. In the end, Nikki Ferrell who is also the rumored winner of The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) as spoiled by Reality Steve receives a rose.

The Bachelor Season 18 Week/ Episode 4 One-on-One Date: Sharleen Joynt (Spoilers)

Sharleen Joynt gets to go on one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in The Bachelor Season 18 Week/ Episode 4. Apparently, Juan Pablo is attracted towards Ottawa, Opera singer as he gave her the first rose of impression on the premiere day of The Bachelor Season 18 (2014).

The two went on a one-on-one date in the beautiful city of Seoul where they explored Seoul in terms of food and place. Sharleen also sang for Juan Pablo Galavis on their dinner date and received a rose of impression from his date.  

The two contestants who got eliminated in The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) Week/ Episode 4 are Elise Mosca from Pennsylvania and Lauren Solomon from Texas. The remaining 11 bachelorettes and Juan Pablo Galavis will head to Vietnam on their international tour, for The Bachelor Season 18 (2014) Week/ Episode 5 that will return next week on ABC.

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