‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 ‘Women Tell All’ Spoilers: What Happens in ‘WTA’; Juan Pablo Faces Criticism, Accusations, and More [VIDEO]

Andi Dorfman Speaks out, Sharleen Joynt Talks about Exit, Kelly Travis is All Tears
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As "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) nears its finale, bachelorettes will get to meet and confront the bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis for one last time. In Episode 10, Juan Pablo will come face to face with these women in "Women Tell All" (WTA) session, airing Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8 PM EST. According to the spoilers, Juan Pablo will have lots of answers to give to the contestants including Andi Dorfman, Kelly Travis and more. Here is everything that you need to know about "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 "Women Tell All." Read on to find what happens in the upcoming episode.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! This article contains major spoilers from 'The Bachelor' Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 'Women Tell All' (WTA). Read only if you want to know more about the episode ahead of its broadcast.

'The Bachelor' Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 'Women Tell All' (WTA): What Happens in 'WTA' (Spoilers)

Like each year, "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 'Women Tell All' (WTA) format remains the same. Several contestants will meet Juan Pablo for one last time. Some lucky girls will get to confront and get closure after taking a chance on hot seat and speaking directly to host Chris Harrison.

As many as 17 "The Bachelor" 2014 contestants gather for "Women Tell All" session. According to the Examiner, Juan Pablo is "immediately confronted by all of the women," present there for hot seat drama. Rumor has it, that not many contestants are fond of Juan Pablo, who is one of the most controversial lead of all times, and they will reveal why that is so.

The hot seat drama gets hotter when women take their chances on the hot seat, one after the other and dish out their reasons for hating or leaving "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014). Opera singer Sharleen Joynt who was known for her suave personality, decided to stop by to explain her decision of quitting the show. In the brief snippet, she is seen telling that she "often has sleepless nights and she is unable to "shut it off."

The most anticipated part of "Women Tell All" (WTA) is to hear out Andi Dorfman. 26-year-old attorney district lawyer had a nightmare of a fantasy suite date with Juan Pablo. Andi couldn't wait to get out of the fantasy suite next morning. Finally, the bachelorette who called it quits in "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 9 Overnight Dates will speak out about what made her quit.

Andi Dorfman will take her chance on the hot seat and will talk to host Chris Harrison directly revealing more about her fantasy suite date. In the spoilers' video, she is seen telling the host that she "closed her eyes and waited for it be over."

For more, Kelly Travis the dog lover will be seen in tears during the "Women Tell All," after Juan Pablo appears on the set for the faceoff with the bachelorettes. According to Wet Paint spoilers report, a source revealed to In Touch magazine that "Kelly said her dad is gay and wanted to talk about the comments." She cried because it's an "emotional topic" for her but Juan Pablo "deflected any responsibility."

Besides heaps of confrontations and accusations, "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 "Women Tell All" will also bring some happy news. Renee Oteri, 32-year-old single mother will share the stage to talk about her new boyfriend. Also, "The Bachelor" Season 17 lead and the newly wedded couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici will drop by to talk about their happy married life, wedding ceremony and upcoming honeymoon.

Other highpoints from "Women Tell All" (WTA) session include, when few women question Juan Pablo for talking only about himself and not about them. Also, accuse him for using his daughter Camila as an "excuse."

"The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 "Women Tell All" (WTA) will see Juan Pablo Galavis being criticized massively by the bachelorettes including fan-favorite Sharleen Joynt, Andi Dorfman, Kelly Travis and more. And he will take the chance on the hot seat to explain himself to the ladies. Do you think he will be able to convince them and excuse himself from all their accusation? Don't forget to tune into ABC on Monday night for the high-on- drama segment "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 "Women Tell All" (WTA).

Watch the promo video for "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) Episode 10 "Women Tell All" (WTA), below:

Video: The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis - Ep 10 The Women Tell All Preview

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