‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Controversies: Is Juan Pablo Season a Hoax? JPG Spotted With Several Women But the Winner

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"The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) is just a week away from its finale. Surrounded by several controversies, Juan Pablo season was one of the most controversial seasons of all times. And now when the show is close to its finale, media outlets are speculating that the installment was nothing more than a hoax.

Ever since the show premiered on ABC, 32-year-old single dad and former Venezuelan former soccer player Juan Pablo and his camp's bachelorettes' have instigated several controversies. First off, it was Juan Pablo's homophobic comments that angered media and fans. This was followed by scandal related to the bachelorette Elise Mosca's true identity. It was said that the contestant who claims to be a primary school teacher is actually a porn star who appeared in a video titled "Yule Log Hotties," as claimed by Relaity Steve.

Soon after, reports emerged alleging Juan Pablo's romantic linkups with women other than the winner of the show. A report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry suggested that the bachelor star and the season winner usually keep their romance low-profile in order to avoid leaking out the name of the winner before the season finale airs. But "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) lead Juan Pablo has been spotted in public with 3 mystery women and he looked more like a couple with one of them.

Media outlets are speculating either he is too serious about not letting the winner's name out or he has already ditched the winner and moved on while dating other women. In one instance, Juan Pablo reportedly reunited with his ex and his daughter Camila's mother Carla Rodriguez. Star Spin reported that the former couple posted a picture of them together, mocking tabloids featuring stories on JPG.

In second instance, he was romantically associated with a sexy Latin singer and "Mama Mia" hitmaker Veronica Mayra. Two of them were spotted together at the Miami Heat game, revealed Cassicalite.com report, based on Star Magazine's story. The report quoted Star's eyewitness' description of Juan Pablo and Veronica Mayra's date.

"It certainly looked as if there was a relationship brewing between those two," revealed Star's witness to the event, as quoted by Classicalite.com.

More reports emerged linking Juan Pablo with yet another mystery woman. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry report, photos of Juan Pablo emerged on internet while he "cuddled up close to an unknown woman." The Web site claimed that the mystery blonde woman did not resemble any of "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) contestants. The woman has her arms around JPG in one photo and in the other photo she is kissing him on his cheek.  Click HERE to see the photos as published by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

For more, a shocking report by Radar Online surfaced, claiming that the winner of "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) has leaked Juan Pablo Galavis' nude photos that he may have shared with her. Reports claimed that the news came through the winning bachelorette's friend who allegedly received JPG's full frontal photos via texts.

Word is that "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) is merely a hoax. Inquisitr noted that reality TV spy Reality Steve wrote on his blog: "This was a complete cash grab for Juan Pablo. He never had any interest in finding a wife on this show, or a step mother for Camila, or whatever else line of BS ABC will run at you all season. This guy wants to act, he wants to be in commercials, he wants to model, and he wants to be on Dancing with the Stars. Come the spring season, you can pretty much bet your a** that Juan Pablo will be on DWTS, even though he can't dance a lick."

Hoax or real, the show will soon be crowning its winner. Fans need to wait for one more week to know who does Juan Pablo picks up as his wife or the winner of "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014). But the rumor has it (as spilled by Reality Steve), that Juan Pablo may pick Nikki Ferrell in the final rose ceremony, but the show will end with no proposal.

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