‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Jesse Kovacs ‘An 'A**hole,' Apologises To Christy Hansen

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Jesse Kovacs reportedly showed little respect for the girls in "Bachelor in Paradise" when he gave Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen nicknames on camera, calling Lucy as "what's her nuts" and Christy a "dumb blonde." Now that he is out of Tulum, he has decided to explain his behaviour on episode 6 and apologised to Christy.

On his blog for OK! Jesse Kovacs admitted his rude behaviour.

"I'll start by saying, I'm in no shape to try and defend myself. Last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise was brutal," he said.

Additionally, he admitted to have looked bad on TV but claimed he only has himself to blame. Then he continued by apologising to Christy Hansen for calling her a "dumb blonde."

"I want to apologize to Christy. She didn't deserve to be called a dumb blond and she should be upset with how she was treated," he wrote.

Jesse Kovacs admitted that he made "mindless statements" about Christy on the show and claims he "feels like an a**hole."

He explained that while editing was reportedly somewhat involved in his bad portrayal in "Bachelor in Paradise," he was quick to admit that "all the things that were said, regardless of context, were said."

Likewise, Jesse Kovacs claimed he understood the viewers' reactions to his statements, citing their "emotional investment to the characters of "Bachelor in Paradise."

But instead of feeling disappointment over not finding any connection with one of the girls in "Bachelor in Paradise," Jesse shared his support for lovebirds Lacy and Marcus. He claimed both are "head-over-heels for each other. He also described Michelle and Cody's affection for each other as "genuine."

Jesse Kovacs voluntarily left "Bachelor in Paradise" in episode 6, missing the finale, which will reportedly be aired on Sept. 8. But he also shared his excitement for the show on his blog and said he "can't wait to watch" the next episode.

Apparently, Reality Steve's spoilers about Jessie Kovac's exit from the show have been confirmed. The site previously reported that episode 6 of "Bachelor in Paradise" would feature some drama that would eventually lead to Jessie voluntarily leaving. After realising that he really doesn't have a connection with any of the girls, Kovac decided to leave the show.

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