‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale (Episode 7) Spoilers: Passionate Fantasy Suite Dates, Heartbreaks And Final Rose Ceremony [Video]

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The much-anticipated "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 1 Finale (Episode 7) is set to air on Monday, Sept. 8, 2014. Fans can brace themselves to watch the climax filled with shockers, heartbreaks and happy endings. In a surprising twist, the week will not feature new arrivals or date cards; however, it adds the most exciting element of "Bachelor Nation" series, i.e., Fantasy Suite Dates. Here are the detailed spoilers from "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 1 Finale (Episode 7). Read on to find out how the show ends. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 1 Finale (Episode 7). Read at your own risk.

Last week fans enjoyed a dramatic penultimate episode. Fans met two new bachelors who changed everything for some contestants. "Bachelor in Paradise" Finale (Episode 7) begins with six remaining couples.

In his latest blog on Entertainment Weekly, host Chris Harrison teased the finale "that will be unlike anything you have ever seen before on our show." While blogging about Episode 6 of the show, he revealed that Episode 7 is about to change everything in the paradise. At the same time, existing relationships will be tested and "only the strongest will survive."

ABC has released details of spoilers from the "surprising" finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 1 in a press release. According to the media report, the Finale (Episode 7) begins with a "shocking ultimatum" by Chris Harrison to the contestants. He asks those contestants to leave the paradise who do not see their future with their partners. The ultimatum leads to some breakups and heartbreaks.

However, when the host returns, he brings a wonderful surprise for the remaining couples. Those who decide to stay together get the gift of fantasy suite dates.

Fantasy Suite Dates

As per the report, one of the couples gets a stay at exotic Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa. During their overnight date the bachelorette makes a big confession to the bachelor. The romantic setup makes the bachelorette finally confess her love for the bachelor.

Another date takes place over a dinner on the beach at Papaya Playa. Unfortunately, there is some tension brewing up between the couple. The bachelorette makes a worrying confession. She feels that the couple needs to take one step at a time and slow down their "fast-moving relationship."

As for the third couple, the romantic date takes them to Zen Serenity Wellness Resort.

Morning After Fantasy Suite Dates

The morning after the much-awaited fantasy suite dates of the couple, drama touches new height. While one bachelorette makes the big announcement about officially being in a relationship, the other two talk about their night of passion with their men. Meanwhile, the one of the bachelorette starts to doubt her connection with her man and get into a major confrontation with him.

According to Wetpaint report, the two bachelorettes who are happy about their time spent in fantasy suite dates are Lacy Faddoul and Michelle Money. However, things change for Sarah Herron, who feels that her relationship with Robert Graham lacks passion. At the end, only two couples remain in the show.

These remaining "Bachelor in Paradise" couples are later counselled by famous couples of "Bachelor Nation." The couples meet up with Sean and Catherine Lowe, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, and Jason and Molly Mesnick.

Final Rose Ceremony

In the final rose ceremony of "Bachelor in Paradise," one of the couples not only "exchange roses" but also declare their love for one another. According to Reality Steve's episode by episode spoilers guide for "Bachelor in Paradise," the show ends with a proposal for one of the bachelorettes. The report notes Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul end up getting engaged on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 1 Finale (Episode 7). As for the other couple, ABC press release notes the "nervous bachelor steals his lady away, leaving everyone wondering what will happen next." Based on RS spoilers, it can be said the other couple that makes it to the end is Cody Sattler and Michelle Money.

Fans can view the promo video for "Bachelor in Paradise" Season Finale (Episode 7) below as published by Bachelor TV on YouTube.com. The video teases lots of crying and a shocking conclusion to the show that gave a second chance at finding true love to the castoffs from previous seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."

Video: Bachelor In Paradise - Finale Highlights

Credit: YouTube.com/Bachelor TV

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