‘The Bachelor' Juan Pablo Stars in an Appliance Commercial as Favour for a Friend

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The very controversial "The Bachelor" star, Juan Pablo, has yet another headline news and it's not about his show reality show in NBC. The former professional soccer player was seen in an appliance store commercial and seems a little awkward. The unexpected commercial of "The Bachelor" star was apparently done as a way to give back to his friend, who is the brother-in-law of the show owner of the Rochester Appliance.

The shop is now enjoying national attention as the Juan Pablo is pretty hot in the media's eyes. This may be a good stint for the reality star, especially when one of the last three remaining bachelorettes dumped him in the previous episode of the said show. The owner of the appliance center, David Eaton, believes that this is a huge favour that Juan Pablo did for his company, according to E Online.

Juan Pablo used to play college soccer and the brother-in-law of Eaton was his friend and fellow soccer player, according to Us Magazine. This made it easier for the businessman to get him to star for his commercial since the two friends are still in contact with each other even after college. The commercials feature the hot Venezuelan as one of the helpful guys at the Rochester Appliance.

The said advertisement was filmed at the store's showroom and was aired at the store's blog, according to the LA Times. However, this favour from the Venezuelan reality star is not free of charge but still the owner is thankful that he went through with the request. It only lasted for 30 seconds but has greatly aided in increasing the popularity of the shop, especially with the current attention that the actor getting from mainstream media.

On being asked regarding the said ad, Juan Pablo tweeted "@AmyKinLA his BROTHER in law played SOCCER with me in COLLEGE... Love HELPING those who HELPED me in the PAST." This release of this ad may even help the image of the reality star, since most of the people who have watched the current season of "The Bachelor" are not too happy with him. There are four commercials that were made and the other three will be released soon.

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