‘The Bachelor’ Australia: What are Tim Robards, Anna Up to?

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Australia's first bachelor, Tim Robards, Sydney based chiropractic doctor, found love on television when he met Anna, a criminal lawyer. In the Season Finale of "The Bachelor" Australia, Tim declared his love for Anna and gave her a ring. It was not a one-sided love. This reality show couple has been inseparable ever since then.

Robards has yet to go down on his knee and propose marriage. This does not mean that the two are not serious about their relationship. They have been spending quality time with each other as well as with each other's parents. Also, both the set of parents are making attempts to know each other.

Robards recently revealed to Sydney Confidential that Anna's parents are coming to his parent's house the next weekend. "They've spent a little bit of time together, but they're going to spend the night, get the boat out and have the whole weekend out there," he said, as quoted by Daily Telegraph.

He also added that both Anna and his parents have strong family values, and the couple wants to imbibe the same values. Talking about marriage, Robards said it'll happen when it "feels right" and currently they are taking things to a deeper level. He said: "Anna and I have a friendship and respect, there's love and friendship. This is going on a deeper level." The tall, dark, handsome doctor jokingly said that he may propose when he can afford to buy another ring.

In one of the interviews, Anna had said that they would like to start a family. Robard had said that Anna would make a great mum. In January this year, Robards and Anna were spotted at Bondi Beach, having a good time.     

Recently, Robards was seen doing a strenuous work-out. Michelle Bridges, the fitness guru, according to Mail Online, was keeping a watch.  

The ratings of "The Bachelor" Australia first season were not something to talk about. However, Network Ten renewed it for Season 2 in November, 2013. It will return sometime in 2014.    

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