‘The Bachelor’ Australia: Tim Robards, Anna’s Bondi Beach Date

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It is often seen that two people professing their love for each other on a T.V show go their separate ways once the curtains come down. Breaking this norm, Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are still very much together and it looks like their love for each other has not dwindled. This attractive couple met on the first edition of Australia's "The Bachelor" and have been inseparable since then.  

On Saturday, Robards and Anna were spotted at Bondi beach. [Check Here for Photographs] The man looked hot, flaunting his chiselled torso. Beside him, Anna looked every inch the sexy bombshell, wearing a zip-front neoprene, black bikini top and little bikini bottoms. The couple looked unfazed by all the attention and were seen enjoying their beach date.

Mail Online reports that after the beach time, the couple headed off to a cafe. At the cafe, Robards and Anna only had eyes for each other, as they gazed into each other's eyes, lovingly and longingly. The couple were photographed laughing and smiling at each other.

According to Mail Online, "with their heads almost touching, they laughed together as Tim showed his beau something on his smart phone. They couldn't have sat any closer unless she was perched in his lap."

Robards is in no hurry to go down on his knee and propose marriage to Anna. In an interview to Sydney Confidential, Robards had said that the marriage will happen when it feels right. He had said: "Anna and I have a friendship and respect, there's love and friendship. This is going on a deeper level."

In the final episode of "The Bachelor" Australia, Robards gave Anna a ring and confessed his love for her. The chiropractor doctor had jokingly said that he might propose when he can afford to buy a new ring.

Ring or no ring, this reality show couple looks like it is headed for a solid, permanent relationship.  

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